Day 10, 14, 17 - Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup

Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup (Day 10, 14, 17):
Madam Partum’s Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup is a very nourishing soup especially suitable for mummies during confinement period. It helps to nourish blood after the tiring and taxing labor and promote better blood circulation in order to regain vitality back fast. Madam Partum’s Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup is part of our signature 28 Days Herbal Soup Package, click here for more information , http://www.madampartum.com/products.asp . 
I am using fresh black chicken as it is rich in proteins and antioxidants. And they have lesser fats content as well. It gives the soup a richer taste and makes it less oily as well.
Madam Partum’s pre-mixed confinement herbal soup.
half of black chicken
1litres of water
Salt to taste
Wash the chicken clean. 
Bring water to boil in a soup pot.
When the water starts to boil, put in the chicken and Madam Partum’s confinement herbs in. As I am using a corning-ware this time, after boiling, simmer for another 60 minutes will do.
Cooking Notes
You may blanch the chicken before putting into the pot to cook.