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Madam Partum Confinement Herbs Are Suitable For G6PD Deficient Mummies

Recently we have encountered many mummies asking us about their infants having G6PD deficiency problems.


Let me just give a brief introduction about this problem. G6PD helps red blood cells to function normally. If G6PD levels fall below normal, this will be known as G6PD deficiency. Most of the people who has G6PD deficiency lead very normal and healthy lives except for the certain food/medications they cannot intake. However, in some severe G6PD deficiency problems, it may lead to a breakdown of red blood cells (hemolysis) that will lead to be anemic when he/she is running a high fever or when they take certain medication.


In most cases of newborn babies, if a mother carries G6PD deficiency, she may pass it to one or more of her children. Infants may get jaundiced shortly after they are born. And in severe jaundice may cause serious problems in newborns.


Therefore, mummies will have to take note of the severity of jaundice problems and the food/medications that will trigger hemolysis especially in infants as they may have no symptoms at all.



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