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Identifying & Improving Low Milk Supply

Are you worried about your milk supply? Many mothers believe that they have low milk supply based on their observations and some mothers think that they have low milk supply because:



Knowing Your Breastfeeding Basics

We know breastfeeding can be hard but we also know that when mummies get the right techniques and a good understanding of the basics, you can definitely overcome the challenges. With perseverance and the right support, you are well on your way to having a fulfilling and successful breastfeeding journey for yourself and your baby.

Here are some basics of breastfeeding that mummies need to know and understand to ensure a smooth breastfeeding journey:



Your Golden Period for Post-Partum Recovery

In line with the government circuit breaker measurements that it will close non-essential industries temporarily for one month, it had brought about much inconvenience and worries for some mothers who are about to give birth or had given birth in this month. The challenges and questions that moms are concerned about is: “I can only have my postpartum massage after delivering, is it still as effective?

The answer is Yes! Because after mommies given birth, your body will undergo many change and it will take time to adjust the body and restore the body (especially the uterus) to the pre-birth level. The recovery of the uterus can be divided into Uterine recovery, Cervical recovery, and Endometrial recovery.


What can you do to boost your immunity using TCM herbs?


TCM Perspective on Fertility and Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the core of Madam Partum's services and the heart to provide a holistic approach in addressing your needs for treatment care and recuperation.


The journey to Parenthood begins here

A couple’s joint planning to become parents can lead to a journey that can be physically draining and emotionally exhausting. Conceiving a baby does not come with a manual that will help ease stress or lessen the pressure. This is why Madam Partum has been a constant presence in the many couples’ parenthood journeys and their families from their plans to conceive to becoming parents of littles ones who bring so much love and joy in many homes.


Confinement Myths

Hey there mommies!

How many times were you told by well-meaning friends/relatives not to take shower after childbirth? Or advised to sleep without turning on the fan or air-conditioning unit? Or told to never drink plain water during the first six weeks after you've given birth?

You're not alone.

Many mommies like you have heard and told of the myths surrounding confinement practices. This post will help explain the myths mentioned above as Madam Partum believes that it is best to educate mommies and their support system to make sure that they achieve complete recovery along with taking good care of the baby.



Madam Partum's Post Partum Holistic Care

Mommies need all the help they can get to recover from the rigours of childbirth. That's why Madam Partum is here to help every mommy go through this crucial recuperation period.

It can be a challenging journey but with Madam Partum by your side, there is no need to worry.




The use and benefit of body sculpting corset

Wearing an external binder or corset gives the muscles support while they're healing postpartum. It assists in uterus recovery and offers exceptional support for unique body contour after childbirth.


About Breastfeeding and Pumps

When you choose to breastfeed your baby, you are choosing to dedicate your time, energy and heart. It is a physically demanding task but a task that mommies embrace wholeheartedly for the love of their babies.

We understand that breastfeeding journey is not easy, and, in this journey, mothers are faced with different problems and challenges.



What happen to a mummy's belly after giving birth?

The first few weeks after giving birth is a struggle for many Mummies.For sure, moms often feel intense pressure.

As a new mom there are many challenges we have to go through that we didn't expect while we were pregnant. The real challenge of caring for a newborn who seeks for your attention all the time, sleep deprivation, sore breasts, and back pains are just some of the changes Mummies face during this period.


Questions about your Pregnancy?

Finding answers on the Internet about your pregnancy issues and concerns is easy these days. But you might just be facing generic answers to your questions, especially on matters involving the changes in your body during and after pregnancy. Your partner and family members may also have several questions on how they can better support you all throughout this period where you nurture a baby.



Exercises to boost Mommies' energy and benefit babies' health during pregnancy

They say that healthy Mommies make healthy babies. This is very true especially during pregnancy. Aside from having a balanced diet, how to make sure that Mommies are healthy during pregnancy?


Ways to improve mental health & well-being during pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are a special time of excitement for many women. For some mothers, instead of feeling the joy and exhilaration associated with pregnancy, you can find yourself struggling with emotional outbursts and anxiety.

With all these happening, how can you improve your mental health and maintain a positive well-being during your pregnancy? As the saying goes, happy mommy, happy baby!



Baby Development -18 weeks

At 18 weeks, you are now on the fifth month of your pregnancy.

This means that you are also on the second trimester of this incredible journey which many women described as “the easiest three months of pregnancy.”

You will feel better and like your old self again as the morning sickness and fatigue that you’ve been dreading during the first trimester would have faded.

Between your 18th and 22nd week, you will be in your doctor's clinic for an ultrasound so you will know how your baby is doing inside your womb. You will be able to know on your 18th week, if you’re having a boy or a girl. But if you want it to be a surprise, then tell your doctor to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, inside your belly, your baby is having the time of his or her life as growth continues.


Tips To Take Note During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a multi-faceted journey where a woman's patience and endurance are tested.

When you're pregnant, you encounter several physical and hormonal challenges that affects how you move, how you eat and even how you react to certain circumstances.

We listed down these tips on how to deal with the several uncomfortable moments during your pregnancy.



Food & Herbs After Childbirth

A mother will often times experience an overwhelming feeling of love and excitement the moment she first cradles her child in her arms.

It's amazing how your body was able to endure the long nine months of carrying a child and then spend more grueling hours of labor or under surgery.

You may be thinking about losing weight now but trust us when we say that you need to be patient and wait for the right time.

At this stage, it is best for you to embrace the truth that your body went through a life-changing experience and now it is time to recuperate.

For this entry, we explore the food that you need to eat during this postpartum period so you can be well on your way to full recovery. We also looked into how herbs can help you recuperate



Symptoms of Pregnancy

Whether you're a first-time mother or a Mommy of three, wrapping your mind around the fact that you're pregnant always exudes a feeling of surprise and joy. There's really no feeling in the world comparable to being told that you will become a mother may it be the first or fifth time.

But how do you know that you're pregnant? Mothers of multiple children would say that each pregnancy is different as each woman is unique with physical, mental and emotional make up.

We round up the early signs of pregnancy in this post to better prepare you for what lies ahead.


How Pregnancy Hormones Affect Your Body

A woman's body undergoes a series of physical, emotional, and mental changes during pregnancy. These changes can bring about challenges especially for first-time mommies-to-be and even for experienced mommies too.

When a woman is pregnant, increase in the hormonal levels of estrogen and progesterone is expected. These are the hormones responsible for the pregnancy glow that everyone raves about.

Alongside the glow are several uncomfortable conditions faced by mommies during pregnancy. These are weight gain, fluid retention and decrease in physical activity.



Your Pre and Post Partum Journey

A woman’s body undergoes many transformations in the nine months of pregnancy and the high-energy moments brought about by childbirth. We all know how strong mothers are but even the strongest amongst us succumb to fatigue and exhaustion.

This is why it is important to rest and recuperate; to regain energy and restore vitality.

Having gone through this life-changing journey, we, at Madam Partum, knows and feels what you are going through. We have made a conscious effort to craft products and services that do not just address short-term issues. Ultimately, we want you to experience long-term healing. Because after pregnancy and childbirth, you are in for the next adventure, the joy of parenthood



Jamu Massage vs TCM Massage

What's the main difference between TCM massage and Jamu Massage? 

While Jamu massage consists of stroking and kneading techniques, TCM massage utilizes Tuina, which involves stimulation of acupressure points along the meridian channels. With this, the blockage is cleared, and the yin and yang imbalance are corrected



Confinement Myth And Truths

Experiences of labour and child birth can differ from mother to mother. Some experience almost no pain, while others more so. 


Post Partum Sciatica Pain

As we proceed on into the third trimester of the pregnancy, our little one will grow faster and alot bigger in the limited living space in our small abdominal area.


Day 1 - Post Partum Tonic Soup

Madam Partum Post-Partum Tonic soups is formulated to aid with clearing of lochia for better womb recovery. This soup is recommended for mothers to consume first day when they reach home. The main ingredient, Safflower is used for the absence of menstrual periods, clearing of blood stasis which is most suitable for mothers who have just given birth. Overall the soup formula provides better blood circulation by warming the meridian channels to relieve pain as well. 


Day 2 & 3 - Green Papaya Prolactation Soup

Madam Partum’s milk booster green papaya fish soup is traditionally taken during the confinement period after giving birth. It is a confinement food that will help to boost milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.

I am using Threadfin Fish head/tail for the green papaya fish soup as it’s low in mercury. Other fish that can be used include codfish and Sheng Yu.  Fish head or tails with boney parts are both suitable for this soup as it’s believed to have more nutrition benefits.


Day 8, 12 - Eucommia Waist-Strengthening Soup


Day 10, 14, 17 - Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup

Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup (Day 10, 14, 17):
Madam Partum’s Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup is a very nourishing soup especially suitable for mummies during confinement period. It helps to nourish blood after the tiring and taxing labor and promote better blood circulation in order to regain vitality back fast. Madam Partum’s Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup is part of our signature 28 Days Herbal Soup Package, click here for more information , http://www.madampartum.com/products.asp . 
I am using fresh black chicken as it is rich in proteins and antioxidants. And they have lesser fats content as well. It gives the soup a richer taste and makes it less oily as well.


Day 21 & 25 - Brain Nourishing Soup

Madam Partum’s Brain Nourishing Soup is usually taken near the end of the confinement as this is usually when all headaches will attack due to the lack of sleep and stress over for the past month. It also helps to boost brain-power and reduce hair-loss. Alot of mummies will realise how forgetful they got and the amount of hair they have lost throughout the whole month. Madam Partum’s Brain Nourishing Soup is part of our signature 28 Days Herbal Soup Package, click here for more information , http://www.madampartum.com/products.asp . 
I am using fresh kampong chicken as it is lower in fat content and soup will be less oily for better well-being and slimming effects especially after birth.  


Pre-Partum Cough Remedy During Pregnancy

Getting sick during a pregnancy is the most troublesome thing to happen a mother-to-be. 


Madam Partum Confinement Herbs Are Suitable For G6PD Deficient Mummies

Recently we have encountered many mummies asking us about their infants having G6PD deficiency problems.


How To Massage Engorged Breast For More Milk Production

Need help to get your milk flowing?  Madam Partum shares  simple breast massage techniques to help relieve engorgement and to increase your milk flow.


[POST-PARTUM] Confinement Myths & Truths

There are many confinement myths going around for centuries especially during our grandmothers’ olden days.