Madam Partum at Secrets To Successful Pregnancy and Baby Care seminar

The pregnancy journey is often dotted with anticipation, anxiety and excitement!

Many first-time parents frown over usual concerns of what they should eat, how their lifestyles affect babies growth and if the fetus within is developing well. There is internal worry about getting across the first trimester and hoping that nightmares of nausea and tiredness go away quickly!

Your pregnancy and parenting journey can be a healthy and happy one! Join us and hear directly from our experts as they share secrets to your successful journey!

Our Founder, Ms Yen Lim, will be speaking in this seminar to share with mommies useful tips on overcoming blocked ducts and low milk supply.! Having experienced breastfeeding herself for her 2 kids, she understands intimately how breastfeeding can be a difficult and trying journey. As such, she wishes to support all mothers through this potentially challenging phase of their lives.

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