Naomi Neo's Review - MADAM PARTUM Pre & Post Partum therapy

Join Naomi Neo in her Pre Partum and Post Partum journey with us!

Short Q&A on Naomi's IG Story:

It’s been 3 months ever since I gave birth and became a mommy... Still feels a little surreal at times 🤭 Trying to commit to this new role while resuming my normal activities hasn’t been the easiest task - gone were the days I felt fully recharged from a good rest. 😩 That being said, I’m really thankful for @madam.partum as they’ve been helping me ease my pain and relieve me of fatigue since before my pregnancy with their post and pre-natal services; was constantly dealing with blocked ducts + recurring mastitis the last 3 months and I don’t think I would’ve overcame it if my therapist wasn’t there to patiently get me through the ordeal. She made sure I was not just physically, but mentally comfortable with regular massages to clear the ducts and by providing me with a lot of emotional support. Apart from their services, I also took their 28-day confinement herbal soups, tea and bath during my confinement period to help recuperate. And since they are pre-packed and include simple instructions, they were extremely convenient and easy to prepare; which is a great deal to me because I’ve so little time to myself. Overall, it’s been a wonderful and relaxing experience so I genuinely want to recommend their services/products because I understand how being a mom isn’t easy and breastfeeding can be a tough journey to go through without assistance. For more, you can also head over my “MOM LIFE” highlights where I’ve been sharing my experiences. Do check out @madam.partum or intro it to someone you know who could use some help or just for a pampering session!