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How Madam Partum’s Founder Yen Lim Help To Ease Motherhood Journey Using Her TCM Heritage

For 9 months, mothers-to-be anxiously await the day of the baby’s arrival. It is a laborious journey of love for mothers-to-be, from pregnancy to birth, as some mothers might have a more difficult pregnancy . Yen Lim, founder of Madam Partum, saw the gap and the needs in the mother and baby sector and conceptualised “Madam Partum” to be a one-stop wellness and healthcare center to support mummies from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and methodology.

Hayley Zhang  /   12 AUG 2021

Our journey started in 1969, when Chien Chi Tow was first founded as a martial arts institute, and established a Tuina massage medical center in the 1980s. In 2001, the brand started the Herbal Steam Therapy service. We observed and mastered the commonalities between the disciplines of martial arts and healing arts, allowing us to bridge the knowledge and skills of both. This paved the way for us to become one of Singapore’s leading service providers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and provide a comprehensive suite of holistic and effective healthcare solutions performed by our highly-skilled practitioners. Yen Lim, the daughter of Lim Choon Huat – founder of Chien Chi Tow, has been helping her father since the age of 5, learning the ropes of operations, and has been interested in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and healthcare business since she was a child. At present, she is the managing director of Chien Chi Tow. In 2017, she founded the brand, Madam Partum by Chien Chi Tow, to provide comprehensive care from a holistic approach for pregnant women with the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As a mother of two children, Yen understands the difficulties faced by women from prepartum to postpartum. “Before I started Madam Partum, I often shared my pregnancy experience with expectant mothers in the hope of encouraging them. Watching my father practice Chinese Medicine since childhood allowed me to understand the efficacy of TCM treatments. After giving birth to my child, I have always encountered breastfeeding and lactation problems, so I adhered to my father’s advice, and applied proper massage techniques to my blocked breast ducts, meridian points and acupoints. Through TCM massage to condition my body, it helped solve the problem of my blocked milk ducts and low milk supply.”

She realised that there was a lack of services in the market to care for mothers and babies with TCM care plan, so she continued to study the principles of TCM and meridian acupoint Tuina massage techniques . Madam Partum was created from this vision, and successfully opened up a new business segment for Chien Chi Tow and attracted the younger segment. “Our approach is from a holistic TCM care perspective to help and support mothers, including the use of Chinese herbal medicine to supplement their post-partum confinement nutrition, and skilled meridian massage to let mommies recuperate so that they can experience an enjoyable recovery journey.”

Madam Partum gradually established popularity through various baby fairs and exhibitions, and eventually set up the flagship store at Tanjong Katong early last year. Yen Lim said: “Revamping the Katong outlet is the proudest moment in my career. It allowed us to rebuild the two brands, Chien Chi Tow and Madam Partum. It took several months from planning to execution, as if we were waiting for the birth of the third baby. The Katong outlet provides a full range of services, from TCM consultation with our Chinese Physicians to lactation expert consultation. Our business and passenger flow have tripled since the transformation. “

During this period, Yen also actively harnessed the strength of the various digital platforms to communicate with new mothers, and started an e-store through the website to sell confinement products, such as pro-lactation products and 28-days Confinement Soup. During the circuit breaker period last year, she also held sessions of IG Live as a platform for many KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) mothers, who had also shared their pregnancy and confinement experiences through social media. Recently, she also set up Madam Partum’s first pop up booth at Mummy’s Market in Raffles City shopping center to be able to engage with more new customers and establish a platform to help solve their problems such as pregnancy or breastfeeding issues. In addition, the Ang Mo Kio Chien Chi Tow store has just been renovated. In the near future, it will serve as the pioneer to drive Chien Chi Tow towards the new direction in the form of brand transformation through digitalization.

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Lastly, Yen wants to gently remind all new mothers, “When you are a mother for the first time, you will experience physical and psychological changes. The most common challenge in your motherhood journey will be when you are breastfeeding. You can first understand the basic knowledge of breastfeeding and prepare ahead for it. I encourage new mothers to take your time, cherish yourself and enjoy the whole process. You will realise that all of this is worth it “

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