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Benefits of Paediatric Tui Na Massage

Paediatric Tui Na massage is a therapeutic, gentle and non-invasive external therapy for children. It stimulates acupoints to enhance your child’s immune system, growth, overall well-being, and it is an effective modality to treat and prevent illness.

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TCM Consultation + 20mins Paediatric Tui Na Massage

Understand your child’s body constitution and improve your child’s health today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Paediatric Tui Na Massage is suitable for newborn and up to 12 years old.

Our Paediatric Tui Na Massage is gentle and painless. It helps to balance Qi energy and restore their health.

Yes, unless your child is having an infectious disease such as HFMD (Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease) or Chicken Pox. Your child will have a TCM consultation and personalised Paediatric Tui Na Massage that help to speed up recovery.

Dress your child with loose clothing, avoid your child’s nap time. Avoid consuming a full meal before coming for the Paediatric Tai Na Massage.

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