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Breastfeeding Month Special | Milk-Saver Clear (Twin Bundle)


How does it help you

Helps to relieve engorgement and clears blocked milk ducts naturally and soothes swelling pain in the breast as it promotes blood circulation to dissipate milk stasis. Tested & proven Traditional Chinese Medicine formulae.

Suitable for Mommies whom are

  • Experiencing engorgement or recurring blocked milk ducts
  • Looking for a natural way to relief engorgement
  • Experiencing swelling pain in the breast
  • Having difficulty to regulate the flow of Breast Milk

Intake Recommendation

2 servings a day

2 – 4 capsules each time

Storage Methods

  • Once you receive your premium herbal products from Madam Partum, it is highly recommended that you store them properly in order to maintain optimal freshness.
  • Herbal products are to be kept in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place or refrigerator that is free from excessive moisture. Do not store in direct sunlight or an area that’s exposed to heat.
  • All Madam Partum products are best recommended to consume within 3 months from date that is received.
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