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Breastfeeding Month Special | Enhanced Prolactation Herbal Soup


Specially curated Protein-Rich, TCM Herbal Soup Formula to promote lactation by regulating “Qi” and blood circulation to boost your breast milk supply.


Prolactation Rice Paper Pith Herbal Soup (Pack of 5)

How does it help you

Pro Lactation Rice Paper Pith Herbal Soup provides the energy to build up breast milk supply by supplementing Qi & Blood nourishment through TCM formulae.

Suitable for Mommies whom are

  • Looking to increase her breastmilk supply in a natural way
  • Intending to continue breastfeeding for long period

Intake Recommendation

Suitable for daily consumption in addition to your daily meals, as the soup helps by boosting Qi & Blood Circulation and energy for mommies to build up Breast Milk supply.

Storage Methods

  • Once you receive your premium herbal products from Madam Partum, it is highly recommended that you store them properly in order to maintain optimal freshness.
  • Herbal products are to be kept in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place or refrigerator that is free from excessive moisture. Do not store in direct sunlight or an area that’s exposed to heat.
  • All Madam Partum products are best recommended to consume within 3 months from date that is received.

Prolactation Rice Paper Pith Herbal Soup (Pack of 5)

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