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Milk Saver Clear at $58 each

How does it help you

Promotes healthy lactation to boost breast milk supply naturally through the special formulated Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Suitable for Mommies whom are

  • Looking to increase her breastmilk supply in a natural way
  • Supplement Qi & nourish blood
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine formula
  • 100% natural herbal extract
  • Intending to continue breastfeeding for long period

Intake Recommendation

2 servings a day

2 – 4 capsules each time

Work Best with

Milk-Saver Clear to Promote Healthy Lactation and regulate the flow of Breast Milk naturally.

Green Papaya Pro-Lactation Soup to boost Breast Milk supply and flow naturally.

Black Chicken Enhanced Pro-Lactation Soup for an enhanced formula, in compliment with Milk-Saver Boost to increase Breast Milk supply.


1, Bundle of 3

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