Relieve your Back Pain and Muscle Tension

Pre-Partum Massage to ease your physical and emotional stress

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Benefits of Pre-Partum Massage

Nurturing a baby in the womb comes with the mommy’s responsibility to stay happy and healthy.

Exclusive 60mins Pre-Partum Massage

Enjoy your first time trial with Madam Partum to experience the wonders of Pre-Partum massage, relieve your muscle tension and back aches in a single session.

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*Not applicable on weekends and public holidays
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can start your Pre-Partum massage after 20th week.

Definitely! Our massage focus will be targeted at helping you relieve your back ache, muscle tension and also water retention. You can enjoy our Pre-Partum massage until you give birth.

Weekly Pre-Partum massage is highly recommended, especially from the 3rd trimester onwards as you will experience aches and pain from the weight gain. It will also help to soothe and relieve water retention that are common during your pregnancy journey as well!

Reduce Water Retention and dispel Dampness

Balanced Vitality: Promoting balance and vitality during your pregnancy.

Nutrient-Rich Nourishment: Brimming with essential nutrients that fortify the body and soul of expecting mothers.

Consistent Care: The pack ensures that both the mother and the baby receive consistent care and affection.

Holistic Well-being: The pack is a blend of TCM health boost and motherly care, supporting radiant health during this special time.

Easy Integration: The nourishments from the pack can seamlessly fit into daily routines, making wellness a tender and effortless part of the pre-partum journey.

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