Post-Partum Massage

For that one chance to heal after birth, Madam Partum is here for you. Complete Recuperation and Complete TCM Care for those crucial first 6 months after delivery.

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Ensuring your Post-Partum Recovery

Post-Partum Holistic Care

For that one chance to heal after birth, Madam Partum is here for you. Complete Recuperation, Complete TCM Care for those crucial first 6 months after delivery.


Womb Recovery

Reduce Blood Stasis and Lochia

Uterus Healing

Encourage Healthy Milk Supply

Qi and Blood Replenishment

Regulate Qi and Blood Circulation

Regain Vitality

Strengthen Immunity and Promote Slimming

Reduce Wind and Water Retention

Benefits of our Post-Partum Massage

Importance of taking care of mothers so she can become better mother for her children.

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Bong Qiu Qiu Post Partum

Bong Qiu Qiu

@madam.partum pre and post-partum massage is something I recommend to all my mummy friends ☺️💯 I’ve engaged their services for post-partum after delivering Amelia and the results were amazing (you can swipe to see). So when i was carrying Oliver I was really happy to know they offer pre-natal massage as well.

Kewei Post Partum

Tay Kewei

A week of confinement has flown past and I’m really enjoying myself! Really blessed to have enough milk for my baby since Day 1, I credit that to MADAM PARTUM for prenatal lactation massage! Having regular postnatal massage is so soothing for my sore abdominal muscles, and really helped to ease my engorgement issues. 

Scarlett Ansley Post Partum

Scarlett Ansley

My Therapist Min Ling usually starts the session off with lactation massage followed by tummy and then moving on to the rest of the body. You can let your therapist know specific areas you have issues with and she will help you to treat those spots. The lactation massage uses the TCM approach to boosts blood supply to breast tissues for healthy function and unclogs blocked ducts. 

Post-Partum Massage

We assist you in your Post-Partum Recuperation

60 mins Session


  • Available at Madam Partum @ Katong or any Chien Chi Tow Outlet.

90 mins Session


  • Available at Madam Partum @ Katong or any Chien Chi Tow Outlet.
  • For package home service, add $42.80 per trip and a minimum booking of 90 mins.

Special Note:

  • Please allow 2 days booking in advance, subject to availability.
  • No home services during weekends and public holidays.
  • Inclusive of portable massage bed.

Enjoy our Pre-Partum at the comfort of your home!

28 Days Confinement Herbal Bundle

Supporting your health and wellness during pregnancy and Post-Partum

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Post-Partum Blog

Confinement Myth

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  4. Home services are not available on weekends & public holidays. Surcharge will apply for home service request to CBD/City Centre/Town/Sentosa
  5. Last minute cancellations less than 24 hours are deemed as 1 session incurred.
  6. Inform us of any pre-existing medical condition.
  7. Packages must be utilised within 6 months from your EDD or date of purchase, whichever is later.
  8. Due to unforseen circumstances, the management reserves the right to replace the therapist without notice.
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