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Berlin Post Partum Review

Pre-Partum Massage


“If you have been following me throughout my pregnancy journey you might already know that I’m deeply in love with my pre-natal massages and I’ve emphasize countless of times on the benefits from it, growing a little one in my belly is a tiring and straining process and I’m super blessed I have @madam.partum massages to soothe muscles and relieve pain and also to ease water retention. “

~ Berlin Ng
SG Influencer Mommy

Post-Partum Massage


I am so thankful that @madam.partum has helped me in my parenting journey so far. My severe engorgement issue was resolved within 3 days of massage from my massuer, Lu Jun, whose meridien massage techniques was so on point to sooth my knots and ache. I’m glad I could take some time off from my mummy schedule to soothe myself, which helped so much with my physical well being and my emotional well being too. A happy mummy means a happy baby and a happy family. ❤

~ Jenny Tay
Director of Direct Funeral Services


Confinement Herbal Bundle


The herbal soup and longan red date tea ingredients were neatly packed with instructions and delivered in a box. Making those soups and drinks were extremely convenient which helped a lot since we didn’t have a confinement nanny with us.

And my favorite part of it all, is the super enjoyable postnatal massage which I was always looking forward to 💆🏻‍♀️😌 It relieved all my knots and kinks from months of not sleeping well during the pregnancy, made me less bloated and helped with the recovery of my womb.

~ Dawn | Daprayer
SG Mom Blogger + Letterer

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