Vanessa’s Pregnancy Journey

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“Couldn’t have said it enough but @madam.partum really helped me through my pregnancy & post-partum period so much!


  1. Post partum massages are crucial and it definitely helped to flatten my tummy & got rid of the water retention pretty fast @madam.partum
  2. Ever since my wound healed, I have been wearing @madam.partum sculpting corset everyday for more than 6 hours. the corset plays a huge part in flattening my tummy and giving me back the body shape easier & faster.

“I personally feel that it helped to flatten my post partum tummy a little day by day.”

– Vanessa @polkadope

  1. What a satisfying 90mins massage, like always @madam.partum! These post-partum massage sessions really helped to make me feel and look better everytime, all the water retention are almost all gone too!
  2. My face during lactation massage, but it helps to clear block ducts so effectively @madam.partum

“Helps to clear blocked milk ducts so effectively”

– Vanessa @polkadope

Had a massage by @madam.partum earlier today, avoided my tummy area of course and started on my hands legs and back. Also had a lactation massage for the first time & WOW it hurts. My breasts are not engorged even and I almost couldn’t take it. I had milk spraying all over cause of a few blocked ducts here and there. KO after that, was too tired to take a photo. But feeling so much better for sure.

” But feeling so much better for sure.”

– Vanessa @polkadope

  1. Confinement bath, tea and soup all take care of by @madam.partum whom I really trust. Thankful.
  2. 28 days of very very nutritious herbal soup @madam.partum
  3. Day 1-28 all sorted out! How convenient @madam.partum
  4. I think I’m one of the most guai when it comes to confinement already haha my mom is damn strict about so I try my best to do what I can accept for her. No plain water at all so it’s just @madam.partum red date tea for a month. I actually really like it.

” Day 1-28 all sorted out! how convenient! Confinement bath, tea and soup all taken care of by @madam.partum whom I really trust”

– Vanessa @polkadope

Pre – Natal

P.S Did you know you can actually be massaged up till even one week before you deliver?

I must say last few weeks are the hardest. I can feel that my organs are all squashed by baby, feeling breathless, peeing every 30 mins, pelvic hurts and aching everywhere. It’s not easy to sleep at all and I hate it. Honestly, pre-natal massages by @madam.partum really helped me to relax a lot mentally and physically. I’m always looking forward to the session.

“Honestly, pre-natal massages by @madam.partum really helped me to relax a lot mentally and physically. I’m always looking forward to the session.”

– Vanessa @polkadope

Thank god for home service pre-natal massages provided by @madam.partum. Missed last week’s session and it makes such a huge difference!!! Body all loosen up after today!!

“It makes such a huge difference!!”

– Vanessa @polkadope

  1. Third trimester is worst. Walking is hard, lying down is hard, sitting is hard. But thank god I have @madam.partum’s massage today, really loosen up my whole body so much
  2. The day I have been waiting for… @madam.partum massage to ease my pain especially my back. Bump is getting super heavy and I have been having back aches that hurts so bad. This is really such a relief.

“This is really such a relief”

– Vanessa @polkadope

How it all started

What a pleasure meeting Miss Yen, the beautiful founder behind @madam.partum. Thanks for all the tips, guidance & assurance you sweetly provided during our conversation. She’s also a mama so I know I’m in good hands, pre and post partum. Honestly I cannot wait for this huge change in my life.

” I know I’m in good hands, pre and post partum.”

– Vanessa @polkadope

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