Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultation

Our team of Lactation Consultants will be able to help you assess your nursing’s habit, and improve your latching position to ensure a better nursing practices.

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Supporting your Breastfeeding Journey

Lactation Consultation

Mommies who are struggling with breastfeeding and lactation, everyone struggles in the early days, but with the right support your breastfeeding journey gets better and better. Our TCM Chinese Physicians and therapists are specially trained in this area to support mommies through the initial stage of breastfeeding with lactation massage and counselling should mommy requires.

Benefits of our Lactation Consultation & Massage

Supporting you in your breastfeeding journey, while you provide the best gift to your baby.

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Our Specialists

Dr. Wong Boh Boi

Dr. Wong Boh Boi

Dr Wong has one philosophy that she aims to live by everyday – to empower every mother to breastfeed if she wants to. Breastfeeding is thought to be a natural act for mothers and babies, but it comes with practice and through bonding between the mother and the baby.

Chinese Physician Judy Chen

CP Judy Chen

Chinese Physician Judy Chen is also well-loved by her patients in providing them with preconception fertility treatment and pre- and post-partum care, solving lactation challenges faced by mommies during their breastfeeding journey.


Joanne Peh Pre Partum

Joanne Peh

This is what I look forward to most every week — getting my regular pre-natal massage from Madam Partum. For some reason I only get calf cramps in the middle of the night (usually 5 in the morning) when I’m pregnant and I heard that many moms-to-be experience this too! I find it such a relief to have a professional therapist who knows exactly how to alleviate symptoms like that, (including the back aches and water retention) and as I brace myself for the last leg of the pregnancy, I’m going to enjoy every bit of this!

Cheron Pre Partum

Cheron Tan

As my baby grows bigger, my lower back is really starting to ache more! Loving @madam partum’s prenatal massage, which eases my pain and helps me sleep better at night. My masseuse has over 10 years of experience, and my massage was really on point. I definitely wouldn’t dare to let any ordinary masseuse massage me while I’m pregnant, especially now that I’m at 34 weeks! Really thankful I’m in safe hands 

Limaran Agustina Pre Partum

L. Agustina

I’ve been getting regular pre-natal massages done with Madam Partum since I hit the 20 weeks mark in my pregnancy and it has helped me so much in alleviating pain from an old injury. Kudos to the experienced therapists, who took really good care of me! Since then, I never had swollen feet and lower backaches other than the usual (expected) pelvic discomfort as baby’s head is preparing to lower into the birth canal. I’ll be getting another 1-2 sessions in (I hope) before I pop and I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to still be able to enjoy these massages till then! Thank you Madam Partum

Lactation Consultation

Supporting you through your breastfeeding journey


$32.10 - $85.60

  • exclude treatments and prescription

Lactation Massage

$107 - $160.50

Treatment duration between 30 – 90 mins dependent on desired results

Special Note:

  • Please allow 2 days booking in advance, subject to availability. 

Pro-Lactation Herbal Soup

Supporting your health and wellness during pregnancy and Post-Partum

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