Jerry Yeo’s Review – Health Tuina by Chien Chi Tow & Madam Partum Pre-Partum + Post Partum Massage

Jerry Yeo Review

Grateful for the positive review by Jerry Yeo! Madam Partum is glad to have assisted the happy parents in their parenting journey!

Last month, my wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Thanks to Madam Partum’s pre-partum massages, my wife went through a relatively easy delivery and also was able to enjoy most of her pregnancy. The specially prescribed post-partum massages and confinement herbal tea and soup helped my wife to slim down significantly within weeks! Credit must also be given to Madam Partum’s body corset. My wife is now able to enjoy her time with our baby with minimal compromises to her lifestyle and we’d like to thank Madam Partum for their care and expertise!

During the pre-partum stages, I couldn’t resist and also gave a shot with Madam Partum’s Health Tuina sessions. All the long hours spent seated as an airline pilot has certainly taken a toll on my lower back muscles, and the acupoints in my legs have been “addressed”, which I would never have thought were related to my complaints.

We are more than satisfied with the results of the package we have with Madam Partum, and would not hesitate at all to recommend it to any couple planning for a baby!

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