Jenny Tay’s Review of Madam Partum Post-Partum Massage and Herbal Confinement Product

Post Partum Massage

Thank you @jennytay_9909 for sharing your post-partum and confinement herbal products experience with Madam Partum

“Embarking on my journey as a mothre to another new infant wasn’t as easy as I had expected it to be! I thought that with the experience of 1, I had level up and is more pro in taking care of the new baby! It’s still kinda tough because every child, every pregnancy and every breastfeeding journey is different. You’ve got to adjust all over again. The initial 2 weeks is always the hardest, it doesn’t help when I am particularly emotional this pregnancy, constantly struggling to balance my time between the two kids, perpetually juggling with mum’s guilt.

I am so thankful that @madam.partum has helped me in my parenting journey so far. My severe engorgement issue was resolved within 3 days of massage from my massuer, Lu Jun, whose meridien massage techniques was so on point to sooth my knots and ache. I’m glad I could take some time off from my mummy schedule to soothe myself, which helped so much with my physical well being and my emotional well being too. A happy mummy means a happy baby and a happy family. ❤

The home massage service from @madam.partum really impressed me with their meticulous ethics that I got a 10 session package for my hubby @handsomecheng85 as his Christmas gift. He deserve all the credit for being the most supportive hubby, taking care of skyla for her midnight tantrum, bringing the pumped milk to the fridge in the middle of the night and helping baby Terra with her diapers and burps. Parenting is filled with lots of challenges but we also have to find time to take care of ourselves! 💪🏻 “

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