Sophie’s Pregnancy Journey with Madam Partum

My daily 4 pills of @madam.partum Milk-Saver Clear to keep mastitis at bay. Don’t belittle these 4 pills of TCM meds. When I do remember to take them (screaming kids + lack of sleep = me sotong brain)… oh, it’s a breeze to pump! No need to press my boobs like crazy & it’s a delight to see my pump output!

Taking @madam.partum’s Milk-Saver Clear twice daily to help with my engorgement & to clear my blocked milk ducts!

Suffering regulating from engorgement and blocked ducts? Take this!

Umm… I pumped out 200ml this morning

If you’re a low supply mummy and seeking solutions, perhaps you wanna explore @madam.partum’s Milk-Saver Boost? It’s the opposite of Milk-Saver Clear and as the name goes, it helps to boost milk supply.

How does it help?

Promotes blood circulation to dissipate milk stasis

Relieves engorgement and clears blocked milk ducts naturally

Soothes Swelling pain in the breasts

Need help?