Kewei’s Pregnancy Journey with Madam Partum

Here’s how her pregnancy journey started

Kewei started her motherhood journey with us since her first pregnancy with Xiao Momo, and with her second pregnancy, Xiao Pian Pian, we are so glad that Madam Partum is able to be alongside Kewei and help her throughout her journey as a Mother of two. #repost “Always looking forward to my me-time during @madam.partum massage!” Here’s a short consolidation of Kewei’s second pregnancy journey with Madam Partum.

“ Missing my prenatal massage terribly… still can’t massage but for Phase 1 can see the TCM physician! @madam.partum”

“ Thank you @yenlim_ for taking such good care of me! I love @madam.partum! Looking forward to visiting their new centre for massage for the whole family!”

My spa life!!! Confinement is bliss with @madam.partum postnatal massage

@madam.partum massage at home ….This is the best uninterrupted me-time for me to do so!”

“Always looking forward to my me-time during @madam.partum massage!”

“The spa life chose me @madam.partum”

“Desperately need to boost my milk supply as I’ve been so busy with work! Power pumping + fenugreek tea + lactation bakes + this milk booster from @madam.partum”

“been taking @madam.partum’s milk saver booster to up my supply for a week now and happy to report that it worked!!! They also have a milk saver clear for engorgement problems. Purely TCM based, you just take the pills twice a day”

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