Joanne Peh with Madam Partum – Post-Partum

Joanne Peh's Review

Joanne Peh With Madam Partum – Post Partum

Most of us are probably familiar with post partum Jamu or tummy trimming massages (and have probably made our bookings way before), but I have to say that lactation massage is one of the best discoveries I made this time that I didn’t know before and I feel compelled to share this with moms-to-be. 

I vividly remembered the agonizing first few days of breastfeeding when I had my first daughter, when milk supply was coming in, engorgement has started and my daughter, who was a few days old, while sucking furiously away, still wasn’t gaining enough weight. Not to mention the engorgement didn’t seem to get much better after each feed. 

This time, I had my first professional lactation massage from Madam Partum on Day 4, just before engorgement got really bad, and it was the best decision ever. Babies who are just a few days old may not have the strength to suck even though they are latching well. This massage not only helps clear the ducts, it also stimulates milk flow and enables baby to get the most out of each suck. The fourth trimester can be just as trying for new moms, so I find that anything that can help reduce the helplessness and frustration for both my baby and I is a blessing! As mothers, we feel better when we know our babies aren’t struggling to fill their little tummies.  Check out http://madampartum.com/for their services and seek out professional help early before it gets too painful! #fourthtrimester#tiredbuthappymama #sp

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