Venessa’s Review on Madam Partum – Post Partum & Lactation Massage


Had started my post partum massage with @madam.partum by Chien Chi Tow a few days after delivery. I did mention previously that I wasn’t able to produce enough breast milk till my baby’s pee was pink in color and that actually indicates dehydration. With the help of my therapist, Ling Ling, using their unique TCM method of massage, she really helped me through my recovery journey. My first session of lactation massage effectively kick started and regulated my milk flow, now the few drops of milk that I only manage to produced initially and cried about feels like a joke. Apart from that, the tummy massage helps in expelling toxins and promotes uterus contraction. My body knots have been loosen and it relieves all the shoulder and back aches I had been suffering from since the start of my 2nd trimester.

Madam Partum’s Post Partum massage is definitely essential to all new mothers, they hasten your recovery process, relaxes your body and of course, ensures that your journey as a new Mother is one filled with joy, not pain. 😅

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