Sherelle’s Corset Review

Jamu massage applies herbs or oil to the tummy before binding with a long cloth called bengkung whereas Tui Na does not. Madam Partum provides an optional 3-piece abdominal corset that works like a binder that keeps the internal structures together and at the same time serve as a lumbar support. The bengkung requires some techniques to be tied, so I usually keep it on for as long as I until I cannot tolerate because there’s no way I can put it on myself. And I tend to take it off after awhile because I find that it causes quite a bit of discomfort when I breastfeed due to my short torso as with all other binders. The good thing about the 3-piece corset is I can take it off anytime I want and put it back when I want to because it is easy to manipulate.

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