Hazel Low’s Review – Madam Partum Pre-Partum Therapy and Herbal Soups

Hazel Low's Review

I chose Madam Partum for my Pre- and Post-partum care because of its TCM benefits and of course convenience. I’ve done my Pre-natal massage with them which helps with the aches and relieve stress and tension overall at the comfort of my own home ! Am looking forward to many more sessions of Post-Natal care with them 

Madam Partum’s Post- Partum care focus on replenishing Qi & Blood Circulation to regain vigour after childbirth which also helps unblock ducts for healthy milk flow & resolves engorgement. It also helps with Slimming. On top of my confinement meals, I drank additional tonic soup and also 10 sessions of Post-natal massage with @madam.partum. You can see a huge difference in the circumference of my stomach in this pose from just 1 session of post-natal massage with @madam.partum. 
The second photo shows my stomach 1 month after C-section while the 3rd photo is the results after just 1 session. I highly recommend all of you mummies who went through C-section to consult your gynae before starting your massage on the tummy area. #postpartum #wellness #postnatalmassage

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