Felicia’s Review


I enjoyed the TCM massage from Madam Partum especially on my tummy area and my head – is really
super comfy that I can fall asleep. And they will
concentrate on the acupressure points that helps to
reduce the tummy which is what I like about them.

Not only I enjoyed the TCM massage especially
on my shoulders and face I even enjoyed the
acu-points the therapists massage on my
big thighs with the slimming oil!

“It is so simple and easy for mummy or daddy who are intending to do DIY confinement or even if you have confinement nanny!”

Everything is pre-packed and all you need is to wash and drop them in slow cooker to cook it. And for the herbal bath, just need to boil it with water – so is no longer a chore or need any special knowledge in preparing for confinement in future.

Had my first session of massage at the comfort of my home with Madam Partum and I’m really surprise with their service and I signed up 10 sessions with them after looking at the reviews online (I paid for it)

She even bought along the binder (comes in 3 layers) u got to try it to believe how power this binder is and she will explain to you how to put on and how long should I be wearing it etc

Confinement journey starts when the baby is out of mummy womb and having a good confinement means that we need to follow strictly to the using herbs to bath and drink. As I have a weak body, I chose Madam Partum this round for my confinement journey as they are specialised in this area and even TCM massage to if (adjust) our body back.

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