Naomi Neo’s Review

Naomi Neo Review

Join Naomi Neo in her Pre Partum and Post Partum journey with us!

Short Q&A on Naomi’s IG Story:

“Found some time while the little one was sleeping to relax myself with @madam.partum’s home post-natal massage and recuperate from the pregnancy just now. Focused on my legs, arms and back today since my wound hasn’t recovered. Can’t wait to lose all the fats 😝 Stopped my pre-natal one half way previously cos baby K came earlier than expected. (Pre-natal massage is good for mommies who wanna relax their muscles and get rid of water retention during pregnancy!!!)😌

“Happiest person alive today in MEEEE.

Besides the pregnancy rash, I’ve also been dealing with 1) severe back aches 😭 (like some sold ah ma complaining 24/7 about the aches 🙄) and 2) cramps /swollen legs (from fluid retention) 🙁 I still thought I was lucky because I didn’t have all these issues at the beginning… till now

Anyway point is – pregnant women are actually not allowed to do regular massages ( I felt damn bummed about it cos my babe loves massages and I’ll always wait for him for 1-2 hours at spas without being able to do the same) but I was FINALLY able to relieve some of that pain with the help of @madam.partum for the last two hours. Back feels a lot less tight and my legs are less swollen than before – surprisingly huge difference after just one session. AND IM SHIOOOOOOOK.

I also learnt a lot from the super kind therapist who came over to my place (ya wtf right home service is the besttttt?!?!) cos apparently there are special techniques required to massage a pregnant women and certain acupuncture points to avoid/put pressure on (certain points can induce early labour/cause a miscarriage if done wrongly) but otherwise if done correctly, it can really help wrongly) but otherwise if done correctly, it can really help to ease the pain and prepare you for a smooth delivery.

OK SORRY FOR BEING SO LONG-WINDED HAHA. I just wanted to share cos i rly feel a lot better. I swear the pains/cramps can get quite terrible.

Disclaimerrrr: I’m not paid to talk about this – @madam.partum introduced me to their pre and post natal massages and I thought I gave it a try since the pain is obviously not going away on its own 🤦🏻‍♀️ – I’ve no obligations to speak the best of their service only what I genuinely feet. So yesss I’ll update more along the way – I’m rlly looking forward to the post natal massages tho??? Heard they can help you get back to shape faster LOL.

Ok hope this helps those of you going through your last trimester. (or knows someone who Is) Goodnight X”

“Started with about 10ml per side on day 1, 80ml per side on the day 2 and I was at about 150-200ml per side by week 2. But I was down with mastitis in week 3 (which affected my supply on the side that was infected quite badly.) and had blocked ducts from week 3 – 4. Only manage to clear the ducts with regular massages from @madam.partum and because of that, my therapist mentioned it’s like starting all over again.

So now I’m about 150ml in total each pump, still recovering :(“

“Did my pre-natal @madam.partum and currently doing my post-natal massage with them as well! Amazing experience so far. My therapist is Anna! She helps to relief my body aches, constipation issues 😂, cleared my blocked ducts and helps me with slimming as well. I definitely recommend it! I personally think it’s really important to prep your body for birth and help it recover post birth + @madam.partum does home visits btw :D”

It’s been 3 months ever since I gave birth and became a mommy… Still feels a little surreal at times 🤭 Trying to commit to this new role while resuming my normal activities hasn’t been the easiest task – gone were the days I felt fully recharged from a good rest. 😩 That being said, I’m really thankful for @madam.partum as they’ve been helping me ease my pain and relieve me of fatigue since before my pregnancy with their post and pre-natal services; was constantly dealing with blocked ducts + recurring mastitis the last 3 months and I don’t think I would’ve overcame it if my therapist wasn’t there to patiently get me through the ordeal. She made sure I was not just physically, but mentally comfortable with regular massages to clear the ducts and by providing me with a lot of emotional support. Apart from their services, I also took their 28-day confinement herbal soups, tea and bath during my confinement period to help recuperate. And since they are pre-packed and include simple instructions, they were extremely convenient and easy to prepare; which is a great deal to me because I’ve so little time to myself. Overall, it’s been a wonderful and relaxing experience so I genuinely want to recommend their services/products because I understand how being a mom isn’t easy and breastfeeding can be a tough journey to go through without assistance. For more, you can also head over my “MOM LIFE” highlights where I’ve been sharing my experiences. Do check out @madam.partum or intro it to someone you know who could use some help or just for a pampering session!

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