Misslepetite’s Review – Madam Partum Post Partum Therapy and Herbal Soups

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Now I can totally understand why many mothers wish for their baby to be out once they hit full term because the aching on our lower backs is really no joke! 😭😭
Personally, my yoga practice does help as I know what kind of stretching exercises I can do on my own but definitely can’t compare to the pre-partum massages! It really targets on your problematic areas to release the stress! Thank you @madam.partum and I can’t wait for my post-partum journey!

1️⃣0️⃣ days into Post Partum and I wanna share my thots on @madam.partum post partum care 😊
My main role was feeding lil pea while my Mother does all the cooking & cleaning! Madam Partum Confinement Soup is conveniently packaged in individual packet with a total of 12 different varieties for a complete recuperation! My Mother just need to grab accordingly from Day 1, Day 2, etc and start boiling! My Mother also commented their ingredients are so rich and full that she can split it into 2 portions for Lunch and Dinner and still not diluted at all! So worth it! 
Mummies to be should consider this hassle-free 28 days confinement soup package! Now I can’t wait to start my post natal massage 😉

Why do we need to drink red date tea during confinement? 🤷🏼‍♀️
✅ Improve 气 & Promotes new blood cells
✅ Boosts blood circulation & immune system
✅ Calms the nerves and spirit
✅ Regulate menstruation & Relieve pains
✅ Reduce water retention

So cute of @misslepetite@shawnyeo to be sharing the confinement herbs together 😍 Check out @misslepetite’s review of @madam.partum Red Dates Tea below:
Do you know they offer two different formulas instead of just one? I didn’t know until my Mother showed me the different ingredients packed inside! So thoughtful of them to still consider pampering our tastebuds despite us doing confinement! Thumbs up for this! 👍🏻
It is reasonably priced at $138 for a 28 days package, that’s less than $5 per day! 
My Mother commented that the ingredients used are of better quality comparing to some others as she was checking out on other brands before I introduced her Madam Partum! 
I got another extra 14 days because my Mother wanted me to extend my confinement for another 2 weeks and now she is saying I should consider taking the red dates tea on a regular basis! 
I guess I don’t have to say much more about how good this is already right? 😉

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