Xubin and Yifei’s Pregnancy Journey with Madam Partum


Yifei and Xubin’s Post-Partum Journey with us!

“Previously when I didn’t do any Post-Partum massage, it took so long for my tummy to return to Pre-Pregnancy state! I made arrangements quickly this time, it’s time to take care of myself” – Yifei

“It’s really amazing! I saw results just from two sessions of Post-Partum massage, just from naked eye! I am looking forward to finishing the full process from my massage.” – Yifei

Helps in increasing the collagen intake which will be helpful in supporting mommies’ health during pregnancy and in her Post-Partum recuperation.

“During this COVID period, it’s a blessing n disguise to be able to stay at home and take care of my baby! Not gonna lie, taking care of the baby wasn’t easy. It was hard on you, you did well. @_evvvelyn.

All thanks to @madam.partum for all the Post-Partum massage and TCM herbal soup, she really needs all the nourishment.

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