Bong Qiu Qiu – Madam Partum Post-Natal Massage Review

Bong Qiu Qiu Review

Seeing is believing. So i’d just start my review with the amazing results from my 1 month and 7 days post-partum massage with Madam Partum. Thank you Yen for letting me try out this service, I’d be very happy to share with all other new mommies!

From left to right, 4 days, 2 weeks, 1 month and 7 days post-partum respectively.

Bong Qiu Qiu Review

This was me with the very very beautiful and poised bosslady of Madam Partum. Inspiration wth, i want to be hot mama like her haha. And my on the left, my awesome therapist Ling Ling.

My belly at the start of my treatment.

With their in-house slimming oil. It’s a specially blend oil to help detoxify and break down cellulite problem areas by increasing blood circulation. And i swear by it, it doesn’t feel oily like most massage oil does, BEST PART for me is, after that my skin can feel crazy smooth for days wth.

I asked for home-visit becox i can quickly get it done during Meredith’s school time or nap time. Super convenient. But if you’re looking to go to their shops, you’d be happy to know they have 12 outlets islandwide, so you’d be able to find one nearest to you! List of locations here.

Ling Ling is not just really good with the massage she did for me, she’s very very knowledgeable with general post-partum care. And omg after she help me with the engorgement massage, the engorgement clear immediately. For breastfeeding mums, Madam Partum therapists can also help to increase milk flow with their gentle massage techniques!


The technique Ling Ling used for me was not painful, it’s like scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most painful, i’d say the pain during my engorgement massage with Ling Ling was 2/10 or max 3/10. 

Last time i ask those aunties to come my house help me do, i swear the pain level was 20/10 okay lol.

It felt like i was being held hostage and interrogated by terrorist base camp LOL. Josh literately have to hold me down to keep my from punching the auntie. It feels like someone forcefully roll a hammer over your stone-hard boobs trying to make it soft.

Omg kill me. My hair stand just by recalling that kind of pain. Please okay, engorgement pain just find Madam Partum wth don’t torture yourself. Someone even ask me to use hot stones to massage omg. Lucky i never try if not my boobies pong pa pua peh (blister up) wth lolol.

Get things done right with the professionals. The therapists at Madam Partum have to go through more than 350 hours of intensive training AND must have at least 4 years of experience to be able to go for their training. And they are trained by lactation consultants to help you solve issues with engorgement and low milk supply!

This is me 2 weeks post-partum. They have a selection of different massage packages to suit your needs, check out here for the prices and different package.

1 month post-partum. Much credits to be given to Ling Ling AND their in-house body-sculpting corset! It’s a 3-piece corset to shape your body and provide better support after childbirth. It’d help keep your uterus from falling too low, it’s especially important if you’re looking to have another baby.

Madam Partum also provides Pre-Partum massage. For mummies with water retention, backaches, cramps or wind issue, i strongly suggest pre-natal massage to ease your pains and discomfort!

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