Cheron Tan’s Review – Madam Partum Pre-Partum Therapy and Herbal Soups

Cheron Tan's Review

As my baby grows bigger, my lower back is really starting to ache more! Loving @madam partum’s prenatal massage, which eases my pain and helps me sleep better at night. My masseuse has over 10 years of experience, and my massage was really on point. I definitely wouldn’t dare to let any ordinary masseuse massage me while I’m pregnant, especially now that I’m at 34 weeks! Really thankful I’m in safe hands ❤~

After giving birth, a good confinement is so important to regain our health and wellness. Chinese herbs are good for retuning our health but often we don’t know exactly what to take. To save me the trouble, I got the 28 Days Confinement Soup, Tea and Bath from @madam.partum. They are nicely packed with instructions and I just have to follow the steps on how to prepare them. It is so easy! ~

Started my post-partum massage on 23 August, 1 week after a c-section surgery. On my 8th massage, my body’s water retention got lesser than I expected, lower back pain is lesser as well and I almost get to wear back my S size dresses ~
I was given a binder to bind my tummy on the 2nd week of my confinement. Result shown after a week of binding and my tummy is so much smaller now! Nearly gone! Hahaha! Love this binder so much, not only it helps me to get smaller tummy, it also helps me to support my back and lower back when I stand or seat too long ~
As a makeup artist, I started to work right after 28 days of confinement. The binder really help supporting my back when I’m doing makeup ~
Thank you so much @madam.partum ❤❤❤~

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