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Chewyjas Review

A mother’s body went through massive changes during the nine months of pregnancy and even more stress and trauma during child birth. A post-partum massage is able to aids in helping mothers to recuperate, recover and return the body to the pre-pregnancy state. 

 It is advisable to start post natal massage 5 days after normal delivery and massage should preferably be done on consecutive days. I started my first post-natal massage session with Madam Partum of Chien Chi Tow, Clementi Branch on 8th April. 

Madam Partum is part of Chien Chi Tow, a well-known TCM in Singapore with close to 50 years of expertise.  

With 12 Chien Chi Tow outlets islandwide, treatments can be booked conveniently at the outlet closest to your home or you may even enjoy the treatments within the comforts of your home by paying an additional $21.40 transport charges per trip. 

Staff were nice and friendly and I was asked to fill up a questionnaire to understand more about my health conditions. 

Made myself comfortable at home and changed into this slip-on slipper. 

Tian Jiao was my therapist in charge. As this is my first visit, she went on to introduce herself with her certifications. I’m assured to know that the therapists here are professionally certified and have undergone more than 350 hours of intensive training. 

After her self-introduction, Tian Jiao went on to explain about the massage procedure that I will be having. My package is a 7-day 60 minutes Qi-Boosting Post-Partum Massage Therapy. It’s a 1-hour customized full body massage from head to toe including the breast with the use of complimentary lemongrass essential oil. Why I say it’s customized because the therapist will assess your body and condition before focusing on areas that need more attentions. I decided to top up a small amount of $48.15 to get the 90 minutes session this time round as the additional 30 minutes would be used for back massage which I needed due to my epidural injection.  

I was also introduced to these two optional products that can be purchased. On the left is a slimming oil (S$29.90) that will be used during the massage to help detoxify and break down cellulite problem once purchase. On the right is a 3-piece body sculpting corset (S$78.00) to shape the body and provide better support after childbirth. 

Was brought to the room upstairs for my massage. A mask was wore all the time and disinfection was done at the breast area. I’m pleased with the standard of hygiene practiced here and I look forward to every session of my massage. 

Tian Jiao was able to make my massage sessions enjoyable as she shared with me the different benefits of the massage as well as some of her post-natal tips and personal stories. My main concern before I start this massage session was having difficulties breastfeeding my newborn, which I will share more in another post on breastfeeding. After just one session of massaging, I can feel my milk ducts cleared, engorgement issue resolved and I experienced a good milk flow when baby latched on. 

Another problem I’m facing is constipation, which was also managed after the massage. I can sleep much better at night too. Other benefits includes improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and lochia, help in uterus contraction and the body to slim down. Massaging also helps relax the whole body, and this 60 minutes away of my time helps to bring post-natal depression to the minimum. That’s what I was telling my friends too, asking me to be confined at home for a whole month, I think I might get depression. Thus, I still went out but I do wear jackets and pants to prevent wind from getting into my body which is actually the main reason why the confinement is about. 

Sweet drink after my massage. It’s black sugar drink and during my first session, I didn’t eat breakfast before my massage as I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to or not, so drinking this prevent me from feeling faint. Learnt that it’s ok to eat small meals an hour before the massage. 

Tian Jiao assisting me with the 3-piece body sculpting corset.

Helps getting the body in shape!  

Front and side view of my after pregnancy tummy. I still look like 5 months pregnant, no wonder people still offered seats to me when I’m on the train.

 After wearing the 3-piece body sculpting corset.

Demonstrating the setting up of the portable bed should there be a home visit massage. Some of my friends have asked me if bed is provided and yes, a high portable bed like this is provided instead of just a mattress to be placed on the floor.

Overall, I’m 100% satisfied with the services rendered to me. This massage was kindly extended to me for review and my review is purely based on personal experience. Thank you!

For more information, kindly visit 

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