Dasmond Koh’s Review on Madam Partum – Post Partum

Dasmond Koh Review

After Xu Bin and Yi Fei’s Le Dou, a new member just joined the family, and that’s my niece!

To be honest, I have no idea how maternity care has evolved, but luckily, the new mom found @Madam.Partum. Their confinement package took care of the nutrient consumption for the next 28 days. Their one-stop pre & postpartum TCM care helps in recuperation, nourishment and even include herbal bath. After her first experience, she went around telling people how relaxing and helpful Madam Partum’s TCM postpartum massage was.

I have already started actively buying infant products when it’s just her confinement period!😅 I am seriously thinking that NoonTalk Media should start a new show specifically on Pregnancy Topics….

继 Xu Bin 徐彬 和仪菲的 #多乐 之后,家里又多了个新成员。。小侄女的宝宝报到啦!

说真的我还真不知道时代变成这个样了,还好她这新手妈妈找到了 #产妇拍档 @MADAM.PARTUM ,二十来天吃的都不用烦恼。。一条龙服务专配合中医调理,帮助“去风”,还有草药洗澡啦,和她第一次尝试后就告知整条街有多舒服有效的产后穴位按摩。。

现在她还在忙着坐月子,我就已经在对婴儿用品下手狂买了!😅看来 NoonTalk Media 该开一档分享育婴心经的节目了。。

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