Dawn/Daprayer – Madam Partum Post-Partum Therapy and Herbal Soups

Dawn's Review

“It’s been a crazy busy few weeks for me and all I can think of when I return home everyday is, “How I wish I am still having my Madam Partum postnatal massage and those nourishing warm soups!”

I tried the usual jamu postnatal massage after my first pregnancy, but decided to give Madam Partum’s TMC way of postnatal recuperation a try this time round because I think it makes the recovery process more wholistic since our “Confinement” is done on TCM basis.

The herbal soup and longan red date tea ingredients were neatly packed with instructions and delivered in a box. Making those soups and drinks were extremely convenient which helped a lot since we didn’t have a confinement nanny with us.

And my favorite part of it all, is the super enjoyable postnatal massage which I was always looking forward to 💆🏻‍♀️😌 It relieved all my knots and kinks from months of not sleeping well during the pregnancy, made me less bloated and helped with the recovery of my womb.

Swipe to the last photo to see the my tummy shot just before I started Madam Partum‘s postnatal massage vs a photo taken right after my 10th massage session. This is without any form of exercise and with me stuffing myself with confinement food 🙈

Thank you so so much to Yen, the wonderful lady behind Madam Partum, for being ever so sweet, comforting and encouraging. Your genuine desire to help women heal after our bodies went through the most drastic changes in our life is what makes me trust your vision and Madam Partum‘s services even more.”

Thank you mummy @daprayer for choosing us! ❤️ Check out Dawn’s first experience with our pre-natal massage on her IG story 😍

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