Joanne Marie’s Review of Madam Partum Product and Services


As mentioned in my IG stories, I used @madam.partum ‘s prepartum and post partum services, not just for their massage, but also for their herbal baths, confinement soups, and their red-date tea, basically everything I need for my DIY confinement. As with all my babies, I did not hire a confinement nanny because I like having some privacy around the house as I recover, so having this package makes it super convenient for me to “伺候” (take care of) myself during this special time. 

The red date tea and daily soups are pre-packed so all I need to do is to pop them in the slow cooker for 2hrs or so, and I’ve got my “hydration” settled for the day. It’s actually really important to have lots of fluid so that the body can produce milk for baby (which is something that I wasn’t quite aware of with my two previous kiddoes). I still had milk, but I was sorely dehydrated. So, I can really feel the difference this time round as I make it a point to drink up.

The herbal bath helps keep the body warm and for people like me (who need to take about 4 showers a day) this truly is a life saver! I showered without the herbs on my first and second day back from hospital and caught the chills. Learnt my lesson and been using the herbs everyday since!

As for the massage, it was truly a game changer. My baby was born in less than 2.5hrs from my first contraction at home at 01:30am and I attribute the smooth delivery to the weekly massages that I’ve been receiving. It helps to prime the body for labour and puts moms in a good state of mind for the tough job of birthing. Two pushes and baby was out and TBH when you get to that stage, it really doesn’t hurt that much. Post-delivery the recovery was also much quicker. Up and running in less than a couple of hours and my appetite was voracious, compared to when I had my first two, I didn’t have appetite to eat for days. 

All in all, I’d highly recommend this package to anyone who is about to have a baby because a healthy mom = healthy baby and as moms, we tend to forget ourselves most of the time. But really, #selfcare is so very important!

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