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Joanne Peh's Review

Joanne Peh with Madam Partum

My confinement is almost coming to an end and I definitely feel a lot more energized now. For optimal recovery, there are many aspects that we need to pay attention to, including what we eat/drink and the post partum treatments. 

This time, I had Madam Partum take care of my post partum needs — from the 28-day herbal soup package, pre-packed longan red date tea to the herbal shower packs and post partum massages. I’d recommend this package to moms who may be unsure of what they need to prepare for confinement because I know how stressful it can be!

While losing weight wasn’t my priority, the post partum massages have eased a lot of aches and pain while helping me tone up my muscles because I still can’t exercise yet. The masseuse uses special hand techniques to massage the meridian points of the body to aids in the breaking down of stubborn fats, relieve water retention, promote blood circulation, metabolic rate and digestion. 

To look good, we have to first feel good, so to all moms who are in confinement or going to be delivering, be assured that there are options for you to help ease the post partum ride. 
http://madampartum.com/ #confinementendingsoon

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