Shu Hui’s Pregnancy Journey

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Shu Hui’s Pregnancy Journey

We are glad to be part of @883shuhui Shu Hui’s pregnancy journey from pre partum all the way to post partum, helping her to resolve her engorgement issues and breastfeeding journey. Madam Partum Milk- Saver CLEAR helped Shu Hui promote a healthy lactation and improve milk supply.

“I also took TCM-formulated supplements from @madam.partum to clear blocked ducts and promote healthy lactation.”

It’s a TCM-based meridian massage and certain spots felt slightly 酸痛 but still shiok

The masseuse skill-fully soothed away tension on my shoulders, hip and back, and I slept like a baby that night!

Finally started on my post-partum massage with Madam Partum and 4 sessions in, my lower backache is almost gone!

The TCM-based meridian massage stimulates acupressure points + uses Tuina techniques, and I’m not gonna lie… I was wincing in pain when pressure was applied on my problem spots 😅 But hey no pain no gain, coz the knots were loosened in a couple of days and there’s no pain when I walk now!

I also took TCM-formulated supplements from Madam Partum to clear blocked ducts and promote healthy lactation.

Had my first postnatal massage + 2 tablets of milk-saver clear = better milk flow!

11 days post partum and my supply is slowly increasing

Besides drinking lots of water and red dates tea, I’m taking the Milk-Saver Clear supplement from Madam Partum twice a day!

It’s TCM formula helps to relieve engorgement and clears blocked milk ducts naturally, and promotes blood circulation

Recently I have a wee bit extra so they go into milk storage bags from Madam Partum

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