Tina’s Review on how she went from 63.1kg to 53.2kg Post-Partum

Tina's Review

How I was naturally induced…

So anyway, I have shared about my childbirth experience in my previous post. Do you know what had happened before I went to the hospital? I was actually enjoying prenatal massage by my therapist, Yi Zhen, from Madam Partum at my home sweet home.

On the morning of 3 Jan, I had an appointment with my gynae, Dr Wong Mun Tat from Thomson Women’s Clinic (BTW, he is a great gynae and I would highly recommend him to all mummies-to-be!). He did a scan and explained to me that I am already in week 38. It would be time for baby to come out and he suggested inducing labour on that night. I have heard many stories about mummies being induced via pill and ended up with emergency caesarean so I told him that I would like to “see how it goes within the next few days”. I also told him that I would be having a massage that night which might help to induce since I had no dilation and zero contractions whatsoever and he said that I could go ahead.

On that night at 7.15pm, Yi Zhen dropped by my place and I told her specifically that I would like to be induced. This meant that there would be more focus on massage of the breasts (or what I call boobies massage). In case you have never heard of it before, the boobies massage helps to produce oxytoxin which can trigger labour. If you have not reached your due date, please do not request to be induced and they would do the usual prenatal massage for you to help you ease your body aches.

Anyway, my massage was so effective that when Yi Zhen only massaged the right boobs, I felt some tightening in my tummy. I chickened out and told her that we could proceed to massage other areas instead. The entire session lasted for 1.5h. She focused quite a lot on my neck due to my constant aches and my leg as it swelled up real bad in third trimester. After she left, I decided to head to bed at 9.30pm.

Soon after, I had weird feelings in my tummy. As a first time mum, I totally had no idea how contractions felt like. I remembered my cousin telling me that it felt like menses cramp for her. I paid closer attention to the pain and realised that the “cramps” came in waves. That was when I realised, IT WAS TIME (!!!) and we headed immediately to the hospital.

And, yes.. We welcomed this little bundle of joy on 4 Jan.

I was successfully induced during my first prenatal massage with Madam Partum, that was my once and only prepartum massage session with them before I commenced my postnatal massage.

Postnatal Massage with Madam Partum

I started my 7 sessions of postnatal massages on DAY 5. I was really eager to kick start the process as I wanted to get rid of the water retention and the bulging tummy. Since Yi Zhen came over for my prenatal massage, she was also assigned as the therapist for my postnatal massage sessions.

The thing that I really love about engaging Madam Partum is that everything is provided for you, including the massage bed, towels, slimming corset and slimming massage oil! In this way, you don’t even need to have anything prepared. The towels are also completely new and washed for you before your session so you don’t have to worry about hygiene issues. Yay-ness!

Here’s a photo with the towels, slimming corset and slimming massage oil.Special mention to the slimming massage oil which is a special blend that aids the body in its process of breaking down fats, increases blood circulation and enhances the detoxification process. Some of the ingredients include olive and sweet almond oil. Every time when Yi Zhen comes over, she would begin by setting up the portable massage bed. It could be done real quick and it would be time to enjoy the massage!

First Session (9 Jan)

Don’t get a shock but this was how big my tummy still looked 5 days postpartum. Yi Zhen said that it was bigger than usual and I was certainly not surprised since I had such a huge bump! In fact, it seemed like I was still 5 months pregnant. I also took photo to record down my weight – 55.2kg. I only lost 7.1kg after childbirth! Anyway, the delivery process would deplete our postpartum body of qi or energy and blood. Madam Partum’s qi-boosting therapeutic massage helps stimulate acupressure points along Meridian channels, clearing blockage and correcting Yin and Yang imbalance. The Tuina techniques used also improve qi and blood circulation, bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels, reduce lochia, help the uterus contract and the body to slim down.

Most importantly, for all breastfeeding mummies out there, their massage is extremely effective in clearing engorged breasts as they target the right acupressure points. My breasts were super engorged during the first 2 sessions and were all cleared by the third session. Yay!9.18Anyway, I have evidence of how effective the massage was in clearing my blocked milk ducts. Just look at how milky the water in the pail is. It is freshly squeezed breast milk mixed with hot water. Oh my, can you imagine my discomfort! Yi Zhen was joking that she has created many “small fountains” for me. LOL

They are trained by lactation consultants to help increase milk supply too!

Third Session (11 Jan)

It came with no surprise that my tummy was much smaller by the third session and my weight dropped from 55.2kg to 53.7kg (i.e. 1.5kg)!After each session, Yi Zhen would help me bind my tummy with their slimming corset. And yes, bulging tummy is still there but much smaller.

Fourth Session (15 Jan)

By the fourth session, my tummy size was significantly reduced and I was rather relieved. My weight also dropped to 52.9kg.

Sixth Session (19 Jan)

Look! Further reduced. Happy!

Seventh Session (24 Jan)

Taken at my last session with Madam Partum. Overall, I must say that I am pleased with the results and their professionalism. Yi Zhen was punctual for all sessions except for one where she was late by only 10 minutes and that was pretty understandable.

She is extremely familiar with all the Meridian points as well and this really helped reduce my water retention and improve blood circulation. My final weight check was 53.2kg. I gained 0.3kg from the previous session on 19 Jan as I was eating more and more confinement food (better appetite). 

If you are keen to try out their services, the price table for their prenatal and postnatal massages are in the photos below. They also have a holistic postpartum package which comes with their herbal soup, tea and bath.

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