Tracy Lee 李美玲 Pre-Partum & Post-Partum regime during pregnancy

Tracy Lee's Review

As quoted by Tracy, “Previously, many people told me that pregnant women cannot do massages, they are worried about premature birth or miscarriage ~ but as the baby grows , i suffered from back pains and cramps, and sometimes difficulty breathing … Fortunately, there is Pre Partum Therapy provided by Madam Partum, i can now sleep better at night … Now I am looking forward to every week’s massage, Madam Partum therapists are also very experienced so pregnant women and mothers can rest assured that they will not cause any discomfort to the baby … I personally like the PrePartum therapy very much, the baby is also obedient by not kicking me during the therapy Thanks to Madam Partum and for my friend’s recommendation.”

之前很多人都跟我说孕妇不可以按摩,担心早产或流产~ 但怀孕期间宝宝大得有点快,腰酸背痛不再说,连肚子都抽筋才要命,有时连躺着呼吸都很喘… 幸好有#产妇拍档 提供的#PrenatalMassage,晚上才能睡得好一些… 现在我很期待每个星期的按摩 ,因为中医手法很特别,按摩师也非常有经验所以孕妇妈妈大可放心,他们不会按穴位却可以让你舒缓宝宝压到的不适… 我个人非常喜欢,宝宝在我按摩时也乖乖不踢我呢,真好  谢谢 #madamPartum @madam.partum 也谢谢友人的介绍~

坐月期间最享受的就是每星期的产后穴位按摩帮助子宫收复,身体去风,还有解决哺乳妈妈常遇到的涨奶问题, 谢谢 #产妇拍档 配合中医调理,草药洗澡等… 让我在很舒服的情况下还能补眠☺️👍

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