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Vannytelly's Review

Hi Mummies and Mummies-to-be, some of you may know I just finished my confinement and I did my Postnatal Massage with Madam Partum and I got alot of Mummies asking me about it. Am here today to do a review on my Postnatal Massage experience with Madam Partum. Many of you have been asking about this since TCM Postnatal Massage is probably something new to most of you, instead of the traditional Jamu Massage. Decided to write up a review so you Mummies can have a clearer idea of what this is and also the differences between the two.

Vannytelly's Review

Madam Partum is part ofChien Chi Tow , a TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare Provider originally founded as a Martial Arts Institute and have close to 50 years of Expertise. They provide Mummies with complete recuperation & TCM care. Their team of therapists are females who are professional, well trained, experienced with Pre & Post-partum TCM care and recovery who will support mummies to right recuperation.

This was taken couple of months back when I was in my 2nd trimester and preparing to book all the necessary postpartum packages. I was at the SuperMom baby fair at MBS with Yen, the beautiful founder of Madam Partum. A friend actually recommended Madam Partum so I went to check them out b’cuz this concept was new to me and seemed really interesting since I’ve always been a huge fan of TCM massages.

There were products displayed at their booth showing items meant for postpartum recovery such as the daily herbs for soups, red date tea, and herbal bath packs. All these are sold in a set for 28 days in total. They can either be bought separately, as a set, or as a bundle with the postpartum massages.

The corset on the mannequin was the exact same one used for my postpartum massage. It is a 3-piece corset which can easily be used on your own even after the massage package has ended. Will share more about the corset in the later part of the blog. So after visiting the booth at the baby fair and Yen explaining what Madam Partum is all about, I was definitely keen to try the total postpartum package b’cuz I liked that they’re a 1-stop solution for all my needs. The prices were also competitive compared to the previous packages I paid for my first confinement, so why not? I did notice at the fair that the herbs were in a generous portion and looked really good, ‘cuz I remembered the herbs from the last package I took were much lesser and not as ‘pretty’. Not sure if it makes sense, but there was something different about the appearance of the herbs that was appealing. I was told that the herbs are packed freshly from the medical hall each time they’re to be dispatched so I guess that’s why they look so good. 

I’ll try to answer some of the FAQs Mummies been asking me:

1. Qn. What is the difference between TCM Postpartum Massage & Jamu massage?

Ans. Both provide similar benefits. The difference lies in the massage techniques, massage oils/herbs used, binding method, and how each sessions are spaced out in between. 

Madam Partum TCM Postpartum Massage 

– Uses a special slimming oil for the treatment and massage is done with tuina technique using more pressure to soothe any tension/knots/aches. The massage oil is specially formulated to help detoxify and break down cellulite problem areas by increasing blood circulation.

– Binding is done using a 3-piece corset which can be put on and removed on your own any time after the massage

– this was great b’cuz I could bind it on my own even on days when I do not have massage sessions. I basically used it throughout my confinement whenever I can. The corset is great for shaping the body as well as provide better support post-delivery.

– Massage sessions are best spread out throughout confinement so that Mummies can get recovery for a maximum duration while letting skin & muscles rest in between sessions. But if you prefer consecutive sessions this is possible too

– My sessions were planned in such a way that it was either a day or 2 days apart. Initially I felt that it was strange and was afraid that such planning of the treatments would cause less effect on recovery ‘cuz my idea was that it was the same as Jamu massage, to be done everyday. But later on I found out that it was better that way and was actually best recommended. I’ll definitely have to agree with that ‘cuz every time after massage my muscles would feel sore the next day ‘cuz my masseur was trying to treat a specific old problem spot. Those of you who have done tuina should know what I’m talking about. The very normal and shiok kind of soreness that goes away in a few days leaving you feeling better.

Jamu Massage

– Uses massage oil during treatment and massage technique is smooth & light. Jamu paste is used for the binding at the end of the massage

– The benefits of the wrap is similar between the two, only difference is that in Jamu massage a special herbal paste is applied onto the belly area before wrapping.

– The wrap is left on for several hours, usually until night before sleep

– I remembered how I liked the wrap but whenever I removed it was messy b’cuz o the paste and after removal of the wrap corset, it is almost impossible to wrap myself up again. So that means after my massage sessions, my corset was just collecting dust in one corner of my wardrobe.

– Massage sessions are usually done in a consecutive days

– The massage technique for Jamu is very mild which I feel is like the aromatherapy kind, like just rub rub and touch touch kind that’s why it can be done everyday. 

2. Qn. Where are the massages done?

Madam Partum TCM Postpartum Massage 

– A portable massage bed was brought to my home on the first session along with clean towels.

– The masseur plays soothing music using her mobile phone to let you have further relaxation.

– Bed and towels will be brought back by your masseur on the last day of treatment.

– I really liked this arrangement b’cuz it’s cleaner and feels more like the kind of bed at the shop itself.

Jamu Massage

– Massage is done at my home on my bed, with a towel underneath my body to minimize oil transfer to my sheets.

– My bed was always left oily and even after washing my sheets for several times, there were still stains and oils from the massage oil. So please be informed of this if you wish to opt for Jamu massage. I do know that now adays some Jamu massage ladies also provide the option of bringing a portable bed at an extra cost. So probaby check with your masseur in mind.

This was after the first session of massage, after the masseur taught me how to use the wrap and I tried it on my own. Looks good right? And it is super easy!! The corset comes in 3 pieces; top, mid, and lower section which helps to support the back, shape up your belly as well as your hip area. The fit was great and it didn’t shift yet I was able to resume with my daily activities. My massages were done in the morning usually 10:30am and I’ll take mt shower at least 2.5 hours later as recommended by my masseur. So after shower I’ll bind myself up again. It’s that convenient!

Yea so I even take my naps in it and it’s comfortable.. Insta-storying my progress to a flat tummy. 

Basically I use the corset everyday during confinement and sometimes after too. The only time I removed was to take showers or sleep. Otherwise sometimes when I feel too warm to eat in it I’ll remove first, have my meal, then put it back on. But I do feel it’s quite good to have it on during meals so you’d feel full faster then won’t overeat. Haha. Personal choice okay, but at least you’d have an option.

Besides the massage package provided by Madam Partum, they also offer a comprehensive package for Moms. You have the option to purchase (from left) the herbal shower packs, herb for soup, and red date tea packs – all packed in a box of 28 for the entire confinement.

A brief look at what’s inside the boxes….
There are cooking instructions provided for the herbs (for soup) and red date tea, as well as the benefits of each pack of herb.

Close up of the herbal bath packs – 
using this helps to improve blood circulation, expel dampness & wind, and reduce after birth pain.

Herbs for soups – they are packed for each day and the sequence is labelled. The soups are taken on a sequence so that it helps the body to recover in stages. The herbs helps to nourish kidneys and liver to regulate qi & blood, so as to maintain the smooth and even flow in the body and to restore internal balance. Basically to strengthen body constitution and improve Mummy’s immune system after birth.

Look at how plump the red dates are! Red dates are usually boiled with dried longan because of its “warm” properties to help keep the womb warm. Red dates also help in the stimulation of white blood cells, which can improve immunity and protect the liver. The mixture of this drink is to help boost overall wellness and to strengthen the body’s immunity.

I got this brochure from the baby fair, just to show you more about Madam Partum and their services, as well as their benefits.
The recuperation process come in 3 stages and above are the explanation.

Other services provided.. If you followed my on FB/IG, you would have known I went for regular pre-partum massages at Chien Chi Tow as well. It was great b’cuz you know how preggers always have aches and pains everywhere, moreover I was still teaching Prenatal Aerobic Classes. So the massages definitely helped me tide through all these. With the help of the massages, I was able to teach all the way till my 34th week. Awesome! One more thing I wanna share… I was having a bout of flu during my third trimester which caused major headaches and medications didn’t even help. After I went for merely one session of massage, my headache was immediately relieved and almost gone the next day. I’m not exaggerating but it was real for me! I think the masseur did a great job to release the tension in my neck and head.. and I don’t know what points she relieved as well (not pro in this to advise) but it was super helpful!!

Why choose Madam Partum? You can see for yourself. And I also think you probably can’t find any other pre/post-partum massages by TCM or at least not the complete package, ‘cuz I really don’t see such a service anywhere else.

Packages available and their rates (as of February 2017).

Almost every few days I’ll take a photo of myself in the corset. When I started using the corset on the first day, the Velcro was bonded on the furthest end. Towards the end of my confinement, the Velcro was at its tightest.. prove of results! And I was eating so much yet not exercising, you see how I eat my confinement food from Tian Wei Signature – alot!! LOL!

Just to show you how the corset looks like from both angles. Please pardon my Obasang outfit.

slimming progress during confinement; comparing from the day before delivery to almost end of my confinement. You know it’s strange how everything was so coincidental. Like my delivery was preterm and I had no idea I was gonna deliver, yet I had this last photo of my pregnant self taken. Anyway the picture says for itself and I’m sure you can see how much I’ve slimmed down on my belly area. I just need to slowly shed off the last few kilos which you can see on my arms and my double chin – LOL!!! I always put on some weight during confinement due to the amount of food I take, but eventually will lose it ‘cuz my appetite will slowly adjust itself back. But this time since I’m fully breastfeeding and hungry all the time, lets see how long it takes for me to get back in shape. Otherwise I’m very happy with my progress for now. Yesterday I went for my 6th week postnatal follow-up with my gynae (was only 5 weeks plus) and I was told that my ‘insides’ (referring to my womb, etc.) had shrunk back to its original size already and zero lochia left. Yays! The binding totally paid off and I’m happy with the results.

So just to summarize….

– Madam Partum TCM post partum massage focuses on meridian points n treatments, tailored to treat all postpartum complains for e.g.: insufficient milk, blocked ducts, engorgement, back and neck aches, tummy trimming…… massage technique is medium to deep pressured (you may request for the pressure level depending on preference).

– The massage also aids in:
1. blood circulation
2. digestion
3. breakdown of stubborn fats
4. relieving water retention
5. Enhances muscle tone
6. Relieve aches and pains and stress

– A simple-to-use corset is provided to help you tighten the abdominal muscles and tuck in the loose tummy wall which can be bind on your own even after the massage package ends. Easy and convenient!

– A portable massage bed and towels are provided – no more oily bed sheets!

– One-stop solution to your postpartum recovery needs – with optional red date tea, herbal bath, and herbs (for soup) for a complete package.

So that’s all for today and I hope I was clear in explaining the difference between the two. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I’ll try my best to answer them if it’s not already stated in my blog above. And that’s all for today, bye~!

If you’d like to find out more about Madam Partum and their packages, visit them at their:

Official website @ http://www.madampartum.com/
Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/madampartum/
Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/madam.partum/

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