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Confinement Myth And Truths

Experiences of labour and child birth can differ from mother to mother. Some experience almost no pain, while others more so. But ask any mother and you most probably will hear the same answer – giving birth is one of the most unforgettable experiences ever! However, bringing a child into the world is no easy feat. Apart from the many preparations needed before going into labour, mothers must also be as equally conscientious in ensuring that they recuperate well after labour. As such, they adhere to a period of post-partum recovery termed ‘confinement’. You may have perhaps heard a lot about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of confinement, so much so that it has become increasing hard to tell which method works and which does not. This article seeks to do just that – to separate myths from facts.


Post Partum Sciatica Pain

As we proceed on into the third trimester of the pregnancy, our little one will grow faster and alot bigger in the limited living space in our small abdominal area. Thus it will definitely cause the toll and major changes to our lower body especially at our lower abdominal area where our baby is housed at.


How To Massage Engorged Breast For More Milk Production

Need help to get your milk flowing? Diana Goh, TCM Physician from Madam Partum shows us simple breast massage techniques to increase your milk flow.

Starting from one side of your breast, identify your blocked areas: Raise your left arm in the air and examine your left breast with your right hand, search around for knots, hard areas and blocked ducts. Do the same for the other side.


[POST-PARTUM] Confinement Myths & Truths

There are many confinement myths going around for centuries especially during our grandmothers’ olden days. Though some of them are true and some are not even scienfically-proven or can be scienfically proven, I believe many of us still follow the tradition through. Here are some of the common myths and truths I have complied.


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