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What is Madam Partum Pre / Post Partum therapy like?

We adopt a natural holistic approach to pre and postpartum care, offering Meridian Massage (Tui Na)and freshly packed herbs for  herbal soups, teas and baths. Our Pre/Post Partum massages are based on TCM hand techniques to massage the meridian points of the body. Our Qi Boosting Post Partum massages helps mothers to quickly recover after the toll of the delivery process, replenishing her energy and blood, stimulating her meridian channels to help mommies regain back to pre-pregnancy state.

Difference between Jamu and Madam Partum therapy?

The difference lies in the massage techniques, massage oils/herbs used, binding method, and how each sessions are spaced out in between.

Do you offer house visits for the Pre / Post Partum therapy?

Yes, we do. Enquire with us to find out more. 

What are the prices like? Any home service charges?

Attached below are our Post Partum package pricing.

Per session:        

Pre Partum 60 mins $83.45 , 90mins $120.90

Post Partum 60 mins $96.30 , 90 mins $144.45.

These prices are what we charge at our outlets.

For home services, the pricing is: additional $32.10/trip (if package is purchased) $42.80/trip (for single sessions) with minimum booking of 90mins.

Do you provide essential oil for massage?

We'll provide free lemongrass oil for massage.

Other products that'll need payments are optional. Such as:

1) Slimming oil $29.90

2) 3 pieces corset $78

What are the procedures if mummies want to engage our services?

Booking procedures

1. Drop us a text at 81660060, let us know your desired package/products.
2. Payments for desired package/products. we'll help to calculate the amount once you've decided which package to get.
3. Inform us your EDD, alert/remind us a week before so we may pack and deliver your herbal products to you(if any)
4. Text us here again when you're admitting into hospital. Let us know if you're delivering via natural or csect.
5. We'll arrange your schedule and discuss your sessions with u.

Madam Partum is here to assist along the way, to communicate your concerns and even feedback on your sessions.

If all is fine, please make bank transfers, preferably full amount. After bank transfers, please screenshot approved transaction and forward to us for processing.

UOB 451-308-187-6 Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd.

Do we do binding?

No, we don’t. But we do have 3 pieces corset that's easy to put on yourself, great support for the lumbar and effective in slimming but it is not included in the package at the price of $78.

When can C-Section mothers do massage?

For C-Section mummies, tummy trimming can only start 4-5 weeks later or prior to gynae approval. As for lactation massages and relieving of body aches, the massage can start 5 days after C-section.

Do we do lactation massages?

Definitely! Only massage can help to clear those blocked ducts and pressed on meridian points to increase the flow.

Our therapists are specially trained in this area because we understand the difficulties mummies goes through during the initial breastfeeding stage.

I would recommend 90 mins because then it'll have enough time for lactation massage, tummy trimming, body aches and the list goes on.

What Are The Terms & Conditions For Our Services?

Terms and Conditions

1. Our products, sessions or packages sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other services.
2. Not valid in conjunction with other discounts/promotions.
3. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.
4. Home services are not available on weekends & public holidays.
5. Last minute cancellations less than 24 hours are deemed 1 session incurred.
6. Inform us of any pre-existing medical condition.
7. Deposits or payments made are non-refundable if customers do not wish to proceed with services offered or should the package be cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances.
8. Packages must be utilised within 6 months from your EDD or date of purchase, whichever is later.
9. Due to unforseen circumstances, the management reserves the right to replace the therapist without prior notice.
10. By signing up for our products, sessions or packages, we acknowledged that you have read, understood, and will abide by the above terms and conditions stated above and also agreeing and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by us, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

Am i able to choose the dates that I want to do the massage?

The dates will be scheduled according to the mode of your delivery. We will arrange the complete schedule for you, and you can view if suitable for confirmed booking. There will be no home services during weekends and public holidays. If there is a need to make changes, please allow 2-3 days advance notice. Last minute cancellations less than 24 hours will be deemed 1 session incurred.

Having said the above, we do exercise the flexibility for mummies to choose the dates they want too! Thank you for your understanding.

During the session of 90mins, let’s say if baby wakes up and needs a feed, am I able to pause the session? I am likely latching directly most of the time rather than having someone feed from bottle.

It is advisable to feed your baby before the sessions begin, so the therapist can start and end on time. Our therapist have to leave on time for the next booking, so it is good if you can arrange for someone to feed him out of a bottle while you are having the massage.

Why your corset have so many layers? I found 3 piece a bit too high waist, hard to move.

Actually, our 3 piece corset are flexible and can be adjusted to each individual stature, as some have longer torso. During breastfeeding, the upper piece can be loosened while keeping the hips and waist locked in with the two other pieces.

I am looking to purchase the corset. Should this be used during my initial post delivery or only when I start to do my c-section tummy massage?

You can start using our corset during the initial post delivery, but it should not be worn too tightly around the wound area.

What does bed rest mean during confinement?

Bed rest is recommended as the birthing process takes a toll on the body, expanding and loosening the joints for the delivery process. Therefore, adequate bed rest allow the body to recuperate and regain its pre-pregnancy state.

Can i walk (for blood circulation) to recover from wound?

There should be a balance between bed rest and light movement after C Section. Walking slowly is good as it helps blood circulation, these aids the wound recovery too.

During breastfeeding, can i breastfeed in a room with no fan or aircon?

Using the air-con at 25 degrees will be a comfortable range, but no fans are encouraged, as we believe that "wind" is bad for the weakened body. Keeping yourself comfortable and happy is also vital to having more milk and a speedy recovery for your wound.

During sleeping, can i not turn on the fan but just the aircon throughout?

Yes, strictly no fans, as it will be hard to dispel wind from our bodies. Using the aircon is the better choice.

For the herbal bath. Do I still wash myself with my regular soap and rinse it off with the herbal bath or don't use soap at all during confinement?

Yes, soap and shampoo is fine. Have a good confinement and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Can I book 10 sessions of 90 mins but I start with 3 sessions of at 60 mins (since can't massage tummy) post delivery and have balance of 8 sessions of 90 mins after 4 weeks of delivery? It works out to be the same. But I can pay for transport for 11 sessions?

We are sorry to inform that we do not allow nor encourage the dismantling of our 10 sessions package of 90mins into 3x60mins to make up another 90mins session, as our packages are sold based on sessions not on value. We advise you to use the 90mins for lactation massages which will take up 45-55mins, in addition to back, leg, hips or other bodily massages to improve blood circulation and relaxing your muscles, etc.

Do you assign a therapist from the nearest outlet to my address? Do we use the same therapist throughout the packages or if the therapist is not suitable, is there flexibility to change?

We deploy the same therapist throughout the package and also exercise the flexibility to change therapist if the reasons cited are acceptable. However, we may also change therapist without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sometimes, I tend to have rash breakout when I consume the powder type of TCM Medication. Is your general massage oil ok for some sensitive skin?

Our massage oil consists of a natural blend of olive oil & lemongrass essential oil, which is well-received & suitable for mommies with sensitive skin. However do communicate with us if you feel uncomfortable with the oil provided so that we can change it into pure olive oil for your use.

I am thinking of the Chinese herbs for bathing but I am concerned with the smell in the house when brewing it. Is it going to be too strong smelling?

Our Herbal Bath are specially formulated for mommies during confinement, providing aromatherapy which is therapeutic and relaxing. When brewing it will be very aromatic and pleasant smelling, just open the windows if you are concerned about the smell.

I'm trying to get pregnant, how can Madam Partum help me?

In this case I would recommend once or twice weekly moxibustion treatments instead of massage. If you're keen I can help you make an appointment with our Chinese physician to have a diagnosis to evaluate how we help your body constitution to be ready for pregnancy. 

What is a moxibustion treatment?

Moxibustion is similar to medical acupuncture but without using acupunture needles. Moxibustion is applied on the meridians points and acupuncture points, it helps in simulating your chi and blood.

We do not get customers to do it straight away as my physician usually suggest to make an appointment for a consultation with her first before she may further advice you, on whether if Moxibustion will help you better or other solutions.


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