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Why are we called Madam Partum?

Our team of female therapists will be Madam Partum who are professional, well trained, experienced with Pre-Post-partum TCM care and recovery who will support mummies to right recuperation.

What are the values of your company?

Madam Partum seeks to provide the best Pre/Post Partum care to our clients. We do so by employing effective meridian massage and upholding excellent service standards.

What is unique about Madam Partum?

Madam Partum believe that right recuperation lies in proper pre-and post partum TCM care. We are part of Chien Chi Tow, a TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare Provider originally founded as a Martial Arts Institute and have close to 50 years of Expertise. We have 30 strong team, 12 outlets Islandwide which allows our clients for convenient booking and access. Complete recuperation, Complete TCM care for our clients.

What is our Pre / Post Partum therapy?

We adopt a natural holistic approach to pre and postpartum care, offering Meridian Massage (Tui Na)and freshly packed herbs for  herbal soups, teas and baths.

Difference between Jamu and Madam Partum therapy?

The difference lies in the massage techniques, massage oils/herbs used, binding method, and how each sessions are spaced out in between.

Do you offer house visits for the Pre / Post Partum therapy?

Yes, we do. Enquire with us to find out more. 

What are the prices like? Any home service charges?

Attached below are our Post Partum package pricing.

Per session:        

Pre Partum 60 mins $83.45 , 90mins $120.90

Post Partum 60 mins $96.30 , 90 mins $133.75.

These prices are what we charge at our outlets.

For home services, the pricing is: additional $21.40/trip (if package is purchased) $32.10/trip (for single sessions) with minimum booking of 90mins.

Do you provide essential oil for massage?

We'll provide free lemongrass oil for massage.

Other products that'll need payments are optional. Such as:

1) Slimming oil $29.90

2) 3 pieces corset $78

What are the procedures if mummies want to engage our services?

The usual procedures are:

1) Payments for the desired package. We’ll help to calculate the amount once you've decided which package to get.

2) We'll issue you the receipt once payments are successful.

3) inform us your EDD and text us when you're admitting into hospital. Let us know if you're delivering via Natural or C-Section.

4) We'll arrange your schedule and discuss your sessions with you.

Madam Partum will be here to assist you throughout the process, to communicate on your concerns and even feedback on your sessions.


If all is fine, please make bank transfers, preferably full amount. After bank transfers, please screenshot approved transaction and forward to us for processing.

UOB 3793016253  Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd.

Do we do binding?

No, we don’t. But we do have 3 pieces corset that's easy to put on yourself, great support for the lumbar and effective in slimming but it is not included in the package at the price of $78.

When can C-Section mothers do massage?

For C-Section mummies, tummy trimming can only start 4-5 weeks later or prior to gynae approval. As for lactation massages and relieving of body aches, the massage can start 5 days after C-section.

Do we do lactation massages?

Definitely! Only massage can help to clear those blocked ducts and pressed on meridian points to increase the flow.

Our therapists are specially trained in this area because we understand the difficulties mummies goes through during the initial breastfeeding stage.

I would recommend 90 mins because then it'll have enough time for lactation massage, tummy trimming, body aches and the list goes on.

What Are The Terms & Conditions For Our Services?
Terms & Conditions: 
1. This service/ package is non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other services.
2. Not valid in conjuction with other discounts/promotions. 
3. Amount includes GST.
4. 6 months validity after EDD.
5. Last min cancellation(eg less than 1 day) will incur one session.
6. Home Services are not available on weekends & public holidays. 


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