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Why are we called Madam Partum?

Our team of female therapists will be Madam Partum who are professional, well trained, experienced with Pre-Post-partum TCM care and recovery who will support mummies to right recuperation.

What are the values of your company?

Madam Partum seeks to provide the best Pre/Post Partum care to our clients. We do so by employing effective meridian massage and upholding excellent service standards.

What is unique about Madam Partum?

Madam Partum believe that right recuperation lies in proper pre-and post partum TCM care. We are part of Chien Chi Tow, a TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare Provider originally founded as a Martial Arts Institute and have close to 50 years of Expertise. We have 30 strong team, 12 outlets Islandwide which allows our clients for convenient booking and access. Complete recuperation, Complete TCM care for our clients.


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