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  • A variety of soup types for complete recuperation. 


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There are 12 different types soups available in the 28-Days Herbal Soup Set.


Day 1: Postpartum Tonic Soup- Clear lochia from your body and promote better uterus recovery.

Day 2, 3: Green Papaya Prolactation Soup- Helps to boost milk supply and get rid of excess water retention.

Day 4, 5: Astragulus Qi-boosting Soup-Helps in wound healing and boost ‘qi’

Day 6: Notoginseng Pork-Ribs Soup- Clear blood stasis and promote blood circulation

Day 7, 11, 15: Nourishing Herbal Soup- Revitalize and nourish yin

Day 8, 12: Eucommia Waist-Strengthening Soup- Strengthen waist and kidney

Day 9, 13, 16: Pig-Tail Waist-Strengthening Soup- Strengthen waist, bone and muscle

Day 10, 14, 17: Blood Nourishing Black Chicken Soup- Nourish blood and ‘qi’

Day 18, 22, 26: Four Treasure Chicken Soup- Nourish ‘qi’ and strengthen spleen

Day 19, 23, 27: Pig Stomach Herbal Soup- Strengthens and warms stomach

Day20, 24, 28: Fo-ti Root Blood Nourishing Soup- Nourish blood and promote better hair growth.

Day 21, 25: Brain Nourishing Soup- Boost brain-power and relieve headaches.


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