Ask Madam Partum Webinar | Guide to your Confinement Plan

Thank you mommies & daddies for spending a lovely Sunday (20 Sep) with us live on webinar about “A Guide to your Confinement Plan”. The webinar was a fruitful learning and sharing session by our Speakers Yen and Judy, and we are going to answer a couple more questions here.

Webinar Topics:
✔️️3 Stages of Physical Recuperation 
✔️Diet and Nutrition for your confinement
✔️Post Partum Emotional Health

During the webinar, we have many unanswered questions, and we would like to take this chance to answer them.

Ask Madam Partum: Bird’s nests have been known to have nourishing properties to improve skin complexion and also contain lots of nutritional values such as proteins, amino acids and minerals which are essential for healthy growth and development of your baby. Hence it is often recommended to consume bird’s nest during pregnancy and is also an excellent health tonic to help with postpartum recovery.

Cordyceps is a TCM herb that is recommended more for mommies with weak body constitution to consume during the early stage of pregnancy to boost Qi. Do note that we do not recommend for Cordyceps to be consumed during the last trimester.
If mommies are already consuming Madam Partum 28-Days Confinement Herbal soup which are curated to help mommies in each stage of their confinement recovery, there is no need to add on Cordyceps in the confinement meal.
Ask Madam Partum: Yes. It is recommended to wear long sleeves and pants, as your blanket might slip off during your sleep which may cause you to catch a cold when being exposed to wind.
Ask Madam Partum: There is no evidence nor direct correlation implying that ginger can cause or worsen the condition of a baby with jaundice. You may consume ginger in moderation.

Our confinement herbal soup is specially curated to help with mother’s postpartum recovery and there are no contraindications for breastfeeding mothers if their babies have jaundice.

If in doubt, we do advise you to seek a consultation with our Chinese Physician.
Ask Madam Partum: In Singapore’s context, you can use either one, as water quality in Singapore is relatively good. So it is also permissible to shower with  warm water directly from the water heater..

However, if you wish to use herbal bath packs that are specially meant for use during confinement such as Madam Partum Herbal Bath, you will be required to boil the herbal pack in water before using it for a bath. You could also add adequate amount of ginger to your preference to increase the effect of relieving wind and water retention.

Remember to dry yourself thoroughly after a bath to avoid catching a cold.
Ask Madam Partum: We will recommend mothers to eat foods which are rich with nutrients and vitamins. Some of our suggestions for breakfast options would be:

– Oatmeal
– Nuts
– Hard Boiled eggs
– Peanut butter on wholemeal toast
– Low fat cheese with fruit such as apple 

Bread and biscuits are ok but do choose whole-grain or wholemeal and you can even consider baking your own with natural ingredients.
Ask Madam Partum: There are a lot of considerations when it comes to confinement food.

1. Environmental Hormones 
The container that is used to pack the food might affect the quality or release chemical compounds to the confinement food. 

2. Nutrients Proportion
As we recommend mommies to have a balanced diet which is rich in protein, iron, calcium, fruits and vegetables, mothers will need to observe the food nutrients ratio as well. 

3. Ingredients of the confinement food
There might be concern on ingredients that are used which might not be suitable for mommies.. 

4. Insufficient TCM herbs
As many confinement food catering will not include sufficient TCM herbs in their food planning to help mothers in total postpartum recuperation. So some mothers can consider purchasing additional Confinement Herbal Soup on top of their confinement food catering to help supplement their postpartum recovery.
Ask Madam Partum: It is recommended to eat egg and chicken in the first week of confinement as they are definitely a good source of proteins for mommies.
However, when possible, do choose free-range eggs and chickens to be consumed during your confinement.
Ask Madam Partum: Small amounts of rice wine or Dom is safe for mothers to consume while breastfeeding. Research has shown that 1 dosage of alcohol will not be harmful to breastfed babies. 
However if you are concerned, you can use them as part of your confinement meal preparation or consume them after you have breastfeed.
Ask Madam Partum: Ginger helps to alleviate wind, which are known to be the main factor to cause humidity and dampness.
In TCM perspective, hair loss is largely caused by lack of Qi and Blood, whereby ginger does not help in replenishing qi and blood.
To treat hair loss, you can consider taking black sesame, shou wu 首乌 and dang gui 当归 instead.

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