Ask Madam Partum Webinar | Successful Breastfeeding

Thank you to all Mommies and Daddies for spending your Sunday afternoon with us at the webinar on “Successful Breastfeeding”. We hope all mommies are better prepared for your breastfeeding journey ahead. There are many questions that are left unanswered during the webinar, and we are going to answer some of your questions here

Topics: How to Improve your Breast Milk Production

✔️ Breastfeeding Basics
✔️ TCM perspective on Low Milk Supply
✔️ How to boost your milk production with meridian massage and TCM herbs

Ask Madam Partum:
1. Follow breastfeeding basics closely
2. Try power pump once a day for 2 weeks
3. Consume food and TCM product that are pro-lactation
4. Plan for your TCM pro-lactation massage
Ask Madam Partum: Yes, you can still breastfeed after eating confinement food with alcohol. Moderate amount of consumption is okay.
Ask Madam Partum: There is no evidence that shows that the more milk mothers drink, more breastmilk will be produced. What is known is that milk are a good source of calcium and if your baby is not allergic or lactose intolerant to it, you can drink in moderate amounts.
Ask Madam Partum: 
1. Use pillows or breastfeeding pillows
2. Always bring baby to you when latching
3. Try different breastfeeding position to avoid straining the same set of muscles
4. Wear a hands-free bra to free your hands from prolonged holding position
Ask Madam Partum: It is not too late to start now. Low milk supply can be due to blockages in the milk ducts and with lactation massages, it will clear blocked milk ducts to help increase your milk supply.
Ask Madam Partum: Most mothers are able to breastfeed regardless of the size of their breast. The key is to nurse your baby on demand and work on the efficiency of your breastmilk production.

Ask Madam Partum: You can start power pumping to boost milk supply once you have done your breastfeeding basics. But do keep in mind that nursing on demand is equally effective and important.
Ask Madam Partum: Yes, it is okay. However, before you combine them together, do chill the freshly expressed milk first.
Ask Madam Partum: In order for exclusive breastfeeding to work, you can consider co-sleeping with your newborn and nurse your baby in a side lying position when needed or you will need to ensure that you express your milk frequently once every 2-3 hours through the night.

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