Common Ways to Induce Labour

Nearing your EDD but no signs of labour yet? 

Try pregnancy sex, as long as your doctor or gynae gives the ‘okay’ to do so! Unless they tell you otherwise, sex is totally safe throughout the entirety of your pregnancy (except after your water has broken; that can lead to infections).  It is a natural and intimate process that might induce your uterus to start contracting and soon you will be on your way!

Natural childbirth is a fulfilling and satisfying experience that every mother looks forward to. In reality, is it possible to induce labour naturally? The answer is always a YES or NO because the safety of mothers and their babies is of utmost importance during childbirth. Still no signs of labour, let’s try the three common ways to help you get into the labour stage.

Pregnancy Sex

Hungry for sex? Say YES to your spouse before the arrival of the bundle of joy. No matter what trimester you are in, having sex is totally safe and pleasurable as long as you get doctor’s “green light”. You are free to do it like a regular bedtime routine or whenever you feel good.

Studies have shown that “sexual intercourse” near your Expected Due Date (EDD) is one of the best ways to induce labour naturally. When you are having sexual intercourse, Oxytocin, often called the “love” or “happy” hormone, is released, and it helps to trigger contractions. Moreover, a high amount of prostaglandins found in the semen may help to relax cervix tissues and help labour to start too.


Regular exercise is always good for everyone, even when you are pregnant! From a TCM perspective, exercising can improve Qi and blood circulation in the body, which helps to enhance the quality of sleep and reduce stress and anxiety in the long run. Besides walking and swimming, Kegel exercise is highly recommended because it helps strengthen the pelvic and vaginal area, which aids in uterus contraction.

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Body Massage

Is body massage safe during pregnancy? The short answer is “YES!”. Most studies have shown that prenatal massage has potential benefits for mothers during pregnancy, especially in easing lower back and pelvic pain from carrying a baby in the womb. What’s more! It helps alleviate common pregnancy issues such as water retention, leg cramps and soreness. Pampering yourself with a good body massage will help to relieve muscle tension and ease mental fatigue. Certainly, it also stimulates the release of “happy” hormones needed for labour to begin.

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