Home Cooking with Yen Episode 8

Feel a cough coming, or dryness in your throat and mouth? Want a perfect bowl of soup, cooked in 2 ways, for nourishing the LUNGS 🫁? We have the perfect soup here for you! Watch the episode to understand better and learn to cook them for yourself – Sweet or Savoury 😉

We have invited @derrickhoh , a daddy-to-be on our show! We want to show some love for all the dads out there too, as they play a vital role this Father’s Day coming soon on 19th June. So this is dedicated to all the daddies out there! 🤴🏻

Revitalising Solomon's Seal Herbal Soup


This herbal soup helps to nourish your Yin energy and it has a cooling nature! This soup will be perfect for people who are feeling hot flushes or have a dry mouth or throat. It helps to nourish and moisten the lungs greatly.


Solomon Seal Rhizome, Lily Bulb, Barley, Lotus Seed, Chinese Yam, Red Dates

Cooking Tips

Being a first time dad-to-be can be a scary and daunting journey, Wondering how you can be the pillar for your wife and provide the much needed comfort for them? The dads are the most important person to provide support in this new parenthood journey together as you prepare the arrival of your newborn 👶🏻. Here, @derrickhoh shares his personal experience as he juggles between his upcoming concert and this new responsibility.

Tips from Derrick Hoh

You guys are the pillar of the family, dedicating your time and love unconditionally to the family! We definitely can feel and share the joy when we chatted with first-time dad, Derrick @derrickhoh and listened to his sharing of how he juggles between his upcoming concert and preparing for the arrival of the couple’s first baby. If you want to know about your dad’s duty, and looking for ways to support your wife and to help with the baby’s arrival, just like Derrick, give this episode a watch and learn some tips from him!

Derrick's Tips

Wife First!

With a baby coming along the way, Derrick remarks that it’s important to focus on his wife first! After all, you’re a team!

Help out with the baby essentials!

As your wife deals with her pregnancy, fathers can help to research and look out for good baby essentials, just to name a few – the crib, baby monitors and prams!

Work-Life Balance

No matter how busy you are with work, find time to spend with your wife and baby. After all, your family is everything!

I am very clear that after the concert. I’m going to take it easy so I can give my full attention to my wife and baby.

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