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How can TCM help prepare your body for fertility

Does TCM help with miscarriage?

The cause of most early stage miscarriage is due to failed embryo implantation during the settling window. 

Improving the quality of sperms and egg, and mother’s body constitution will help in a successful pregnancy.

And for most late stage miscarriage, it is due to  uterus condition, whereby mother may suffer from Qi and blood deficiency and blood stasis which restrict the blood flow to the uterus.

Improving Qi, blood deficiency and blood stasis will help create a conducive uterus condition for your baby to grow.

Does TCM help with PCOS?

Yes! TCM’s perspective on PCOS is diagnosed as kidney deficiency and phlegm stasis, and it is recommended for you to receive acupuncture treatment and TCM herbal prescription to improve your kidney deficiency.

Why do we need to avoid ‘Chilled’ food?

Chilled (寒) food is known to decrease your Qi and Blood circulation hence it’s best to avoid these foods.

Examples: bananas, green beans, seaweed and winter melon to name a few.

What are some food/ dietary recommendations?

For Wife
Black Chicken, Mutton, Black Rice, Red Dates and Longan

For Husband
Chives, Sea Cucumber, Prawns, Oysters, Walnut and Mussels

*Remember to consume in moderation and not overeat.

How does TCM help with infertility?

TCM can help to improve your body constitution and improve Qi and blood circulation to improve chances of conception.

TCM helps to improve your sperm quality and activeness and also increase your sperm quantity.

How TCM can complement your IVF process

How does TCM helps with IVF?

TCM is a great alternative treatment to support your IVF journey and also help to reduce the side effects and increase success rate.

When should we start TCM treatment before undergoing IVF?

It’s recommended to start TCM treatment 3 – 6 months before your IVF procedure, as it takes time for you to adjust and condition your body before you start on your IVF procedure.

Can we do Acupuncture before or on transfer day?

Yes! You can do acupuncture before or on transfer day itself.

However, if you haven’t done any TCM treatment prior, we will encourage you to consult your TCM Physician first to assess your condition and suitability.

Should we do acupuncture before Egg Retrieval?

Yes, you can receive acupuncture treatment Before and After your egg retrieval process.

TCM Treatment is focused on improving the quality of the egg for retrieval

Reducing the side effects and also improves the blood circulation to improve your uterus environment for the embryo transfers.

Can TCM help with recurrent failed implantation with top grade embryos?

Yes! Recurrent failed implantation is usually a cause of 宫寒, where your uterus is unable to hold on to the embryo, due to the lack of Qi and Blood flow to the uterus from a TCM’s perspective.

A personalised TCM consultation will be required to help assess your body constitution to plan a customised treatment plan required to improve your body condition.

How to nourish your body after IVF

What should a mother do after IVF?

You are encouraged to do some walking as a form of exercise to improve overall circulation. Do avoid abdominal and vigorous exercise, and carrying heavy loads.

Go out as usual and pamper yourself, you don’t need to confine yourself to bed.

Am I able to do any TCM treatment during the 2 weeks wait?

You can continue with your TCM treatment such as acupuncture during the 2 weeks of wait, as the treatment will help to improve your body condition and ease the side effects from your IVF treatment.

Is it okay to eat fruits?

It is definitely recommended to have a balanced and healthy diet

Remember to eat your fruits in moderation and avoid overeating fruits like watermelon and papaya.

And do note to avoid taking pineapples and cavendish bananas.

Are there any dietary restrictions or tips?

Avoid food that is ‘speeds blood circulation 活血’ and ‘Chilled 寒’ for your body. 

Food such as pineapple, black fungus, prawn and crabs are some examples.

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