IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Kewei

Date: 28 November 2020
Time: 8pm – 8.45pm
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Saturday Night with Yen | A new IG Live segment to help educate and empower mommies on issues regarding your pregnancy, and how to overcome it. So that all mommy-to-be will be more prepared when they are going through her own pregnancy. As all pregnancy journeys are different and we hope to provide as many encounters and best practices to empower mommy-to-be.

On our inaugural IG Live episode ‘Saturday Night with Yen’, we are glad to have Kewei with us to share on her 2nd pregnancy experience. As Kewei’s 2nd pregnancy is filled with many uncertainty with Circuit Breaker within her pregnancy period. Even so, her pregnancy journey isn’t as easy as you thought, as Kewei faces blocked milk ducts and engorgement due to her busy schedule. How she manages to overcome her breastfeeding challenges.

  • Kewei 2nd pregnancy experience
  • How Kewei balance between her tight schedule and breastfeeding XPP
  • What is it like being pregnant during Circuit Breaker?

Summary of IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Kewei

Kewei’s Motherhood Journey

Some breastfeeding challenges Kewei faced:

Supply dipping after starting work

But why?

√ Interval stretches to 4 – 5 hours

√ Causing the drop in supply

Tips to overcome low milk supply

Tip 1: “Practicing Breastfeeding Basics”

√ Continue to pump frequently even when you are at work

Tip 2: “Take the right supplement”

√ Milk Saver Boost can help boost your low milk supply

√ Natural TCM herbs to boost your milk supply and promotes healthy lactation

Tip 3: “Go for Lactation Consultation early”

√ It is better to resolve your breastfeeding issue early

√ You can’t Google everything cause everyone’s condition is different

Tip 4: “Don’t need to build a huge stash of breastmilk”

√ 1 week supply is sufficient

√ Pumping too much will increase your breastmilk production and causes blocked milk ducts if you didn’t pump out frequent enough.

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