IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Melissa

Date: 15 May 2021
Time: 8pm – 8.45pm
Join Us here | Madam Partum’s IG

And for our last and final episode of Saturday Night with Yen, we are so glad to invite @melissackoh to share about her Motherhood journey with us. What’s her confinement practices and how she plans her 2nd confinement with her experience she has in her 1st pregnancy.

So tune in to our last episode of Saturday Night with Yen to hear what Melissa has to share!

What has Melissa shared?!

Confinement is actually so important for all mothers, the only one chance to heal after birth. For our finale episode, we will be sharing more about the 3 stages of confinement in the next 3 posts! Do you know that a typical confinement lasts for 1 month and the golden period of recovery can actually go up to 180 days!

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