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IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Naomi

Date: 12 December 2020
Time: 8pm – 8.45pm
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For our Christmas special edition of “Saturday Night with Yen”, we are extremely excited to have Naomi Neo her motherhood journey and things closest to her heart with us! Naomi Neo has been a very hands-on mother taking care of Kyzo and she will be sharing her set of challenges, while pregnant now with her second child.

Summary of IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Naomi

Naomi’s Pregnancy Journey Pt1

Some Pre-Partum Challenges Naomi shared:

1. Experiencing heart burn & difficulty in breathing when she overeats

2. Backaches due to the weight and how her baby girl stretches forward

How to tackle heartburns and difficulty breathing?
  • Have lighter meals with more frequency
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Don’t lie down immediately after your meal
Avoid Eating

Raw food, cold, deli meat over the counter (eg. cold cut ham) and food that are under-cooked

Common Misconception:

“ I’m eating for two “
You only need an additional of 300 calories intake per day.
300 calories? That’s equivalent to 2 pratas!

How to tackle backaches and difficulty in sleeping?

1. Sleep on the sides to avoid straining the spine and back (usually for the 3rd trimester)

2. Go for massages after the 20th week to help relieve the aches and strains on your back

Massage will help you in:
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Relieve cramps
  • Reduce water retention
  • Helps in Pre-Partum stress

Naomi overcomes her pre-partum stress with

A good support system

Some characteristics of a good support system:
  1. Willing to give you the love and attention you needs
  2. Knows what you are going through
  3. Be there when you need them
  4. A good listening ear
Benefits of a Good Support System

Able to share the load with you

Benefits of a Good Support System

Knowing that you are not alone in this

Benefits of a Good Support System

Someone who knows what you are going through

Benefits of a Good Support System

Having an outlet to express your stress

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