IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Sheila

Date: 9 January 2021
Time: 9pm – 9.45pm
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We welcome the new year with yet another IG Live, joined by an amazing Mother, Sheila Sim @sheila_sim ! The journey of being a first time Mummy hasn’t been the easiest for Sheila, as she will be talking about her struggles and her choice of exclusive latching!

Summary of IG Live | Saturday Night with Yen X Sheila

Sheila’s Pregnancy Journey

Being positive is to know that you have all these unhappy emotions, and accept them (emotions and feelings). And to know that you will be able to rise above it.

Issues Sheila face:

Blocked Milk Ducts

Awful feelings from so many challenges

Blocked Milk Ducts

It’s a big question mark for many mummies, what is the reason, why is it happening to you… so many questions, so many different answers.

At the start, Sheila thought she had low milk supply, and tried all ways to boost her milk supply with supplements, and it was so tough having to toggle between supplements if she got engorged and had blocked milk ducts.

So… how to solve this issue?

Sheila wanted to resolve her issue of blocked milk ducts, so she went for a lactation consultation with 陈医师 to find out why this happened.

She never knew that acupuncture could be so useful in unblocking the blocked milk ducts other than massages.

Why did it happen?
It stems from Qi Deficiency!

Sheila did not have so much of a problem with low milk supply, rather it was the Qi deficiency that caused all her breastmilk to be stored in the breasts, and it wasn’t flowing out. After the consultation, TCM herbs were given as well to help improve her Qi.

“Awful Feelings” 

It started out from sleep deprivation and having to handle too many things at one time. It also felt like the situation wasn’t going to get better.

Choice Theory

Knowing that you have made a choice today, be it that you are feeling sad, let yourself know you made the choice to be sad and let the emotions sink in. Embrace and acknowledge it and then you will be able to detach from it and pick yourself up after. Do not let it accumulate which will lead to all your emotions exploding one day.


There are many forms of meditation, start from breathing meditation which is the easiest. It won’t be easy from the start as your mind will float somewhere easily. It will progressively get better and you will be able to achieve meditation. Give yourself credit for even meditating for 5 seconds.

Gratitude Chat

Here’s how Sheila does it. “It’s the end of the day and no matter how good or how awful the day is, there’s always something to feel positive about and something to feel grateful about, and no matter what, the sun always rises and the sun always set, and today, we have come to the end of another beautiful day, and I want to be grateful for…” Surround yourself and your baby with a positive environment filled with gratitude.


Give yourself 5 mins everyday to journal on a diary or on a IG Post, during pumping or when you have time to do so. It can be very therapeutic and a form of stress release. Allow your thoughts to flow freely and you will feel much better.

Supportive Community

Every mother’s story and challenges differ, and it’s the inspiring stories and encouragement from the different mommies which keeps you going everyday, that this is a phase that will pass and everything is definitely going to get better. The more Sheila shares, the more the other people share with her, the more she learns. It’s a beautiful cycle on its own.

Going back to work & Breastfeeding

How does Sheila continue her journey of breastfeeding even after returning to work

Started storing breastmilk in the freezer long before returning to work

Do you know?

She has two fridges full of breastmilk bags stored! She has been pumping consistently and storing them which provides assurance that she has something to fall back on with the extra supply in the fridge.

Being diligent and pumping every 4 hours

Try not to miss it or prolong the in-between pumping timings. Keep it to a fixed and timely schedule and practice discipline.

It’s unavoidable that you have to pump during work

Are you worried about how you are going to store your breastmilk after pumping at work?

Get a cooler bag!

Fill it up with ice packs or ice in a ziplock bag and store your milk bags inside. Fret not if the ice melts, just buy more from the nearest kopitiam drink store.

Share the plans you have ahead and communicate with your boss and colleagues.

Communication is key, let them know that breastfeeding is important to you and your baby and seek for their understanding.

Sterilising your pump?

You only need to sterilise your pump once a day. After pumping, all you have to do is to ziplock it and keep it in the chiller or cooling bag until your new use!

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